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Trusting and Letting Go

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Trusting and Letting Go: Zip-lining in Costa Rica

Costa Rica was spectacular! There is nothing like being immersed in the richness of the jungle and culture of Costa Rica at a beautiful lodge, with great friends (new and long-time), practicing yoga, exploring, and testing one’s boundaries for a lift of the spirit.

A planned activity was zip-lining. I was nervous about it, but because everyone else was game I went too. To my surprise I loved it! For zip-lining it’s a matter of willingness, listening (to the instructions), letting go (or you won’t leave the platform) and trusting (trusting the equipment and that the leaders will catch you).

We can “zip-line” through our lives and experience new heights with these same principles.

Be Willing and Embrace Newness – To continue growing we need to embrace the new and the unfamiliar. If we let fear restrict us we lose out on the experience of living fully. Why not release your preconceived limits of yourself and embrace new possibilities and experiences? By taking a risk you just may surprise yourself, like I did, and feel reinvigorated by life.

Really Listen: True listening is a process of being fully present and paying attention. To zip-line properly we must be present and pay attention. When we are “dialed in” in this way we not only experience a greater sense of connection to ourselves, but to those around us and the world at large. Boundaries disappear. Be fully present. Listen to your inner voice, your soul’s yearnings and experience greater richness in life.

Let Go: If we try to hold on too tightly in our lives we don’t go anywhere. I had to let go and sometimes even leap to begin the journey to the next zip-lining platform. Allow yourself to let go of what no longer suits you and perhaps even take a leap. Like the trees release their leaves we can release what’s not working in our lives and grow.

Trust: At the end of the high speed zip-lines (eight in total) the instructions were to let the guides catch us. On the last line we even went backwards! Whew! This was an exercise in trust and stepping into the unknown and it was exhilarating. Think about where you can allow yourself to be more open, vulnerable and trusting in your life. It may be trusting in the universe, in others or often it’s in trusting yourself.

Love Life. Live Life. Pura Vida!



2 Responses to “Trusting and Letting Go”
  1. Denise says:

    HI Lisa,
    I hope you are still trusting and letting go as you did zip-lining in Costa Rica. That trip was a turning point in my life and I still am benefiting from it. Probably will forever. Practicing self love, acceptance and letting go to name a few. I hope you are happy, content and have calm delight this Easter Season.



  2. Lisa Guyman says:

    The yoga trip with Lynne Baum was heaven on earth. I feel like I’m still carrying the energy of the trip. The trusting and letting go theme is a daily process. Life is great!!! Amazing new developments. Love and light to you. Glad to hear all is well! Lisa