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Waking up the Creative Process in your Life by Lisa Guyman

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Waking up the Creative Process in your Life

We are inherently creative and playful. As children we painted, drew, slayed dragons, created imaginary worlds, made magic potions and believed reindeer could fly and that we could, too.

Wayne Dyer shared a cute story in one of his talks. When he told his 6-year old daughter that he was in a drawing class she looked at him completely perplexed and horrified and said: “do we forget how to draw?”

Well, yes, many of us do. We kind of forget or can suppress that whimsical, imaginative, creative or playful side of ourselves and take ourselves too seriously. And keep ourselves stuck.

For my birthday my family organized a creative activity at a local art studio. It was so much fun! And it was a little intimidating, too. Painting was outside of my skill zone (as an adult) to be sure.

Not knowing that we were supposed to bring something to trace/paint created a last-minute rush for some to Fedex Kinkos. I decided on the spot I’d do a mandala and the studio owner happened to have a book of mandalas to choose from.

We were instructed to trace our chosen image on our canvas and then work with our plate of primary colors. After tracing I thought to myself where should I go from here? I surrendered to painting the first color that resonated with me and to paint without a plan in mind.

The pure joy of mixing colors and the feeling the brush on the canvas was interrupted at times by thoughts of “this isn’t looking good” or “I don’t like this” or “maybe I should have a sliver of cupcake” but I continued. When I was about finished, I asked the studio owner if she could help me fix my painting. She held up my canvas from a distance (this helped me get perspective) and said: “what’s wrong with it!?” (as in a statement that there wasn’t anything wrong) and voila “I liked it.”

As adults we can forget how to be in the sheer process of life/art and can stop ourselves before we even start. That critical voice can come in loud and clear or lurk in the background. Ultimately, we may find ourselves procrastinating on a project or goal or practice for fear that it won’t be good enough or that we won’t succeed. We forget to embrace that inner explorer, that inner child, and just dive in, allow things to unfold and slay the dragons of self-doubt along the way.

Perhaps there is an area of your life you’d benefit from releasing self-consciousness, getting out of your comfort zone and forging on without a specific outcome in mind.

Open the door to the magical you, to the possible, and do something different to get something different.

One of my Dad’s favorite sayings was “if you always do what you always did. You will always get what you always got. Do something different to get something different.”

Where would you like apply the brush to the canvas of your life? Where can you venture beyond your present consciousness?

My little canvas has become a meditative and centering mandala and to me it holds love and family and the perfectly imperfect creative process all swirled into one.

Wishing you joy in your journey and love and playfulness in your heart.



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