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What are you going to choose?

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The choices we make in our everyday lives add up.

They either take us into greater alignment or away from alignment.

One of the five principles of Reiki is, “Today, I will live with diligence.” This can also be thought of as living in alignment, living with integrity. 

To live with greater diligence requires paying attention to our choices.

“Every moment we choose to do one thing, we choose not to do another.”

Can you guess who said this?

Was it…

Wayne Dyer?

Deepak Chopra?

Louise Hay?

Trick question – it was Robert from Shark Tank…

Some of the Sharks on the show can be brutal when they critique the business dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs.

But Robert often adds a touch of inspiration and advice.

In one episode, there was an entrepreneur who was like a mad scientist with all the projects and passions on his plate. As a result, he constantly switched gears – not giving his full attention to any one goal.

That’s when Robert said…

“Every moment we choose to do one thing, we choose not to do another.”

These words struck me…

And I thought to myself,

“Woah! I’ve got to be more intentional about my choices.”

I started reflecting on the ways I was living by default.

“What was I not choosing as a result?”

That’s when I came up with the catchphrase “choice points.”

A choice point is one of those many moments throughout the day when we can:

A) Choose growth & well-being


B) Choose to live by default and repeat the same ‘ole same ‘ole

Every moment is a new opportunity.

The key is catching choice points throughout the day and then choosing “wisely.” This results in living a more fulfilling life.

We all have aspirations… for our spiritual growth, well-being, fitness, creativity, career, and relationships.

But, we often fail to prioritize the actions we need to take in the moment to manifest our best lives.

Worse yet, sometimes we even make choices in direct opposition to our goals…

Like walking out of the grocery store with junk food, just hours after weighing ourselves and thinking, “I’d like to lose some weight.” – Guilty!

We’re all works in progress…

So, reflect for a moment and ask yourself…

“If I chose my growth path more often, how would that change my life?”

Choices add up over time and greatly impact our lives.

With a little practice, you’ll start witnessing choice points as they arise.

Here’s a time I caught myself at a choice point…

While working productively “in the flow,” I glanced at the clock and realized I had the choice of…

A) Getting ready for Yoga


B) Continuing to work

A choice point is as simple as that!

While you could say both were “good” choices and I felt more inclined to stay on task, I opted for yoga.

It sounded like the better choice for my well-being at the time.

Whenever you’re doing something – whatever it is – remember….

When you choose to do X, you’re not doing (or choosing Y).

In fact, this very moment (right now) is a choice point.

You are “choosing” to read this now instead of doing something else. By the way, I think this is an excellent choice. Though, I am biased 🙂

So, as you move through your day…

Begin to witness your choice points and ask yourself:

“What is the best choice I can make now for my well-being?”


It’s so easy to live on autopilot and allow unhealthy and mindless habits to steal our time. However, our power is always in the present moment.

Here’s to making better choices!

P.S. Watch this short 1-minute video where I give some additional examples of choice points.

>> Watch it here

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