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Overview of Primordial Sound Meditation

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Primordial Sound Meditation is a mantra-based meditation that systematically allows you to experience quieter and more peaceful levels of your mind while your body enjoys deep rest. During this course, Lisa will teach you your personal mantra, which is calculated specifically for you by The Chopra Center according to your birth information. You will gain an understanding of the variety of experiences you may have in meditation and the benefits you may notice in life including the higher states of consciousness that unfold through regular practice.Experience greater happiness, success and wellbeing. . . Experience less stress and struggle . . . Primordial Sound Meditation is easily learned in four sessions over 1-3 days.

In Primordial Sound Meditation, a technique revived by Deepak Chopra, M.D., two very important things happen. One is deep rest resulting in the release of stress and rejuvenation. The other is a re-connection to Spirit and the remembrance of who we really are. This state of restful alertness, uniquely found in meditation, enriches all aspects of life and results in numerous benefits for the mind, body and soul:

Better health and vitality, decreased stress, increased creativity, greater enthusiasm for life, increased happiness, increased intuition, more fulfilling relationships, a sense of calm and peace, a renewed sense of well-being, increased synchronicity & even the reversal of aging. Even more on the benefits of meditation.

What do I learn in the Primordial Sound Meditation Class?

Primordial Sound Meditation is an easily learned practice of meditation. After taking the course you’ll have the skills necessary to practice meditation on your own as a regular part of your daily routine.

On Friday evening we cover session 1 and 2 (or if a one-day class covered in the A.M.)

Session 1: Introduction to the basic principles of meditation

This is where I will cover the basic principles and origins of Primordial Sound Meditation, the use of mantras and the value and amazing benefits of meditation. I’ll also cover common misconceptions about meditation (i.e. such as that meditation requires us to make our minds blank). I also love it when student’s are interactive and feel free to ask questions.

Session 2: Individual meditation instruction and practice of meditation

After we cover all the basics in session 1 each student will receive their personal mantra in a one-on-one meditation instruction in a separate room. The one-on-one portion just takes a few minutes. And after receiving the mantra and feeling comfortable you will go into a room designated for meditation and meditate for 20-25 minutes That will conclude the evening.

On Saturday afternoon we cover session 3 and 4 * (or if a one-day class covered in the afternoon).

Session 3: Perfecting the practice & group meditation

During this session, you will learn all the practical aspects i.e. the how, when, where, what of meditation. Well also discuss meditation experiences. Then we’ll meditate together for about 20-25 minutes.

Session 4: A vision of higher states of consciousness

After the group meditation we’ll we’ll watch a terrific DVD that features Dr. Deepak Chopra talking about higher states of consciousness and the development students can expect with a regular meditation practice.

In the days and weeks following instruction, you may have questions or be uncertain about an aspect of your meditation practice. Lisa Guyman will be available to help with the answers.

Primordial Sound Meditation can be easily learned and practiced by anyone after attending this course. Your teacher, Lisa Guyman is a certified Primordial Sound Instructor from the Chopra Center and has practiced meditation since she was 16. She wrote about her experiences with meditation in the book: Sacred Healing: A Guide to Getting It.

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