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What is Being Mirrored for You? Paying Attention to our Lives

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Paying Attention to our Lives

I spent am amazing week at Ananda Ashram in the Catskills of New York in July. It was an incredibly peaceful setting. I was immersed in teachings with Dr. Vasant Lad (founder of the Ayurveda College) on Ayurveda. It was a priceless experience. During that time I barely checked email or voicemail. I wasn’t surfing the internet. I truly slowed down. It felt like I was at a camp for the soul.

I’ve been back for a couple weeks now and although the experience is still with me in many ways I’ve found myself getting caught up in my old patterns. A few days ago at a traffic light someone ran into me. There isn’t any real damage to my car, but it certainly startled me. Ironically, earlier that morning I was wondering what to write about and voila something found me.

Driving away from the intersection I began to wonder what the message was. Was this mirroring something for me? Do I need to pay more attention in my life? What am I not seeing? Do I need to be more mindful? Slow down in some way? Adjust my thinking or behavior? Get back to center? And the answer was yes!

How about you? What is being mirrored for you? Has something happened recently in your life that could serve to guide you in a new direction? Or could you be more mindful in some area of your life? Could you, like me, pay more attention to the conversation at hand, to the task at hand, to the road?

The rest of the day I was in slow motion. I made my way to a coffee shop and just sat for awhile. I took time to converse with the person beside me and then I got some work done. I also contemplated what things needed to be put back into balance in my life.

Sometimes external events remind us to look inward. Better yet is when we regularly check in with ourselves and become more mindful about our lives. In doing this we can re-assess where we are at and make adjustments, even minor ones, so that we can get back to center and create more harmony in and around ourselves.

Wishing you the best!


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