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 Personal Intentions & Desires

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Personal Intentions & Desires ***

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein.

You are welcome to copy and paste the content of this form and print it out for your personal use. Then list your specific desires in the following categories:

Material/Physical:  (health, success in work and school, money, possessions, etc.)









Emotional: (includes feeling calm, confident, happy, relationships, enjoying others more and getting along better, having a change in attitude or outlook, becoming emotionally aware and open, getting in touch with your true feelings, etc.)










Spiritual:(includes awakening, higher states of consciousness, practicing meditation daily, feeling more light hearted, feeling in synch and in the flow with life, developing intuition, having spiritual experiences, growing).








Collective/Societal/Planetary: (what shifts you’d like to see in the world and on this planet?)







Anything else you would like to manifest?







We don’t need to focus on the ‘how’ we just need to focus on ‘what’ we want.   To enhance your attraction of these desires into your life, read through your list of desires before Reiki or meditation and before going to sleep at night or any other time that resonates with you.  Also you can draw the Reiki symbols over your intentions.

In addition to setting your intentions take ACTION toward your intentions/desires.

You can amplify the energy by picturing each desire as if it is already manifested. Remember that whatever we focus on grows.  If you want to reduce something in your life then withdraw your attention from it and if you want something to manifest focus on having it already and how that would make you feel. You may enjoy my guided meditation “Life Visualization” a manifesting meditation in “Journey into Meditation: Guided Meditations for Healing, Insight and Manifestation” available on Amazon and iTunes. Simply search for “Lisa Guyman”

*****Credit goes to The Chopra Center and the Primordial Sound Meditation program for a majority of the contents of this form.

Namaste – the divine in me honors the divine in you.

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