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A Chance Encounter and a Profound Shift with Emotional Freedom Technique

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“Possibilities Emerge When We Give Something a Chance to Work”  by Lisa Guyman

I love Emotional Freedom Technique and that’s why it is part of my Reiki mentorship program as a special bonus workshop.

For context, I wanted to share about an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Workshop I attended with Nick Ortner. I had taken an EFT workshop several years ago with Gary Craig and Dawson Church.

Before the seminar began I wondered if it would feel redundant to take this EFT workshop, but because Nick Ortner is one of the leaders in the field I had decided to sign up. I was quickly drawn in by Nick Ortner as a teacher and speaker and as the day wore on many participants transformed before my eyes!

What really struck me (and the friends I went with) was that at the end of the workshop the A/V technician who was just there to monitor the equipment stood up in front of the room and said something like this “I’ve been doing A/V here for 22 years and I’ve never seen anything like this! I’m a man of God and I don’t believe in stuff like this. I was supposed to have the day off but someone called in sick. I think I was meant to be here. I’m a true skeptic, but it was like something happened in this room and everyone became one and there was this feeling of love and no judgment. It was amazing! Then when Nick led the group through tapping for pain relief I thought what the heck I’d do it too. I was stunned! After I finished tapping I realized my back pain was gone! I also realized a significant change I need to make in my life. It works and I’m going to tell EVERYONE about it.”

EFT is something that can’t be adequately explained (though I’ll give a synopsis below). It must be experienced! What I love about EFT (and for that matter Reiki and Meditation) is that we don’t have to believe in them for them to work. If you have pain you may want to tap along to this Pain Relief Video with Nick Ortner. Also check out the work of Brad Yates via his YouTube page where he has over 100 experiential videos (fear, compassion, overeating, anxiety and nearly every topic imaginable).

Wishing you new and wonderful possibilities and most importantly the enjoyment of the moment.


What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

On break at the EFT seminar I got a snapshot with Nick Ortner, the workshop leader and author of The Tapping Solution. Thank you Nick for doing the work that you are doing!

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What is EFT? EFT is a way of re-calibrating the nervous system by tapping on certain acupressure points (located on the start or end of the meridian energy lines) and at the same time acknowledging where we are at emotionally and how we’d like to feel. In the practice of EFT the participant taps with their fingertips on these stress release points on their hands, head, face and torso while making a statement about whatever it is that they want to change (financial issues, areas of life where there are blocks, annoyances, stress, physical pain, dis-ease, overwhelm, anger, etc.) and then making a positive statement (love and acceptance of self, etc.). It’s a simple, yet profound process and it works.

Perspective from Another Attendee at the EFT Seminar

“You know, I have been thinking more about the experience the A/V guy had. I wonder what would have happened – no matter who the A/V person was – because when you really pull back and look at it there were about 100 people in that room with a non-judgmental focus on learning and experiencing something that carries a lot of power. It was really intense at times and it’s not foolish to entertain the idea that whoever the A/V person was they would have been moved in some way. All that energy so focused in a small room several times throughout the day could easily influence an innocent bystanders’ field in a profound way.”

“Not taking anything away from this guy, but I wonder. And there is no doubt that Nick was instrumental in the A/V guy’s experience – just like yours and mine. Obviously not a snake-oil salesman. There was no hype or hyperbole – just the facts.”

Emotional Freedom Technique and Meditation – Simple Stress Relief

EFT can be helpful before practicing meditation to help settle the mind and body.  EFT is particularly beneficial when we feel wound up and need something to help take the edge off.   It doesn’t have to be complicated!  It can be as simple as stating this sentence to ourselves:  “even though I feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, etc. I choose to feel good.  I deserve to feel good.  I choose to be easier on myself.  I choose to enjoy this moment.”  State this or whatever other words come to mind while tapping on the top of your head, just below the eyes (on the bone), below the nose, and in the indentation of the chin, and the side of the hand (between pinkie and wrist).

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