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Relax into the Moment with a Guided Meditation CD by Lisa Guyman & James Ripley – Create Your Guided Meditation Practice

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Journey into Meditation- Guided Meditations for Relaxation, Insight and Renewal by Lisa Guyman and James Ripley

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Relax into the Moment . .

This meditation CD is a perfect gift anytime of the year.

It’s especially important to find ways to relax and nourish the mind, body and spirit. And with this CD listeners can enjoy deeper and deeper levels of relaxation, insight and renewal right in the comfort of their own homes . . . or even at the airport, in flight or at a home away from home!

This CD was co-created by Lisa Guyman and James Ripley.

Journey into Meditation: Guided Meditations for Relaxation, Insight and Renewal – Brainwave Training for Awakening the Mind

Inviting you to Journey into Meditation . . .

This transformative meditation CD is designed to help listeners connect with their inner wisdom, while allowing them to cultivate deep levels of peace, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Inspiring words and practical tips accompany the 2 meditations on the remaining 9 tracks enhancing the benefits of meditation with journaling and self-inquiry and the power of imagination. This provides listeners with a complete framework for your GUIDED MEDITATION PRACTICE and allows listeners to integrate meditation into their lives with ease!

Each 30-minute meditation was designed to support the awakening of the mind by creating positive changes in the physiology and brainwaves over time. Tranquil music and binaural beats along with Awakened Mind technology allow listeners to gently ease into each meditation.

Exploring a tropical island environment the Healing Waters Meditation creates a setting for deep relaxation and rejuvenation and for releasing what no longer serves us.

Drifting into the Dream Frontiers Meditation listeners can discover their sacred meditation space and connect with and have a personal dialogue with Spirit and receive valuable guidance about the past, present and future.

Lisa Guyman trained at the The Chopra Center and is certified as a Primordial Sound Meditation instructor.  She is also a Reiki Master.  She teaches meditation and Reiki throughout the country. Her other CDs include Journey through Reiki: Complete Treatments, Principles, Instruction & Music, a 5 CD set, and Journey into Meditation: Guided Meditations for Healing, Insight and Meditation. 

James Ripley is certified as an Awakened Mind ™ Meditation Instructor with his training through The Anna Wise Center, and the late Anna Wise, a leading authority on biofeedback and meditation, provides onsite corporate meditation training, and teaches meditation workshops. He has taught at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California, leading the 5-Day intensive Awakened Mind™ Brainwave Training workshop.


Learn More About this CD – 11 Tracks – 78 Minutes – 2 – Thirty Minute Meditations.


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