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Are You Giving Your Power Away or Resisting What is?

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Readying Ourselves for Transformation – By Lisa Guyman

It’s been a few months since I’ve sent a newsletter! This year I traveled to Michigan twice – spending 8 weeks there and teaching several workshops. On one visit the main focus was supporting my mom through her knee replacement and recovery. Her resilience and attitude continues to inspire me! She’ll be 85 next month!

During my time away I only had brief periods of “free time” thus I’ve been in catch up mode.

In between trips I went on a weekend meditation retreat with Mile Hi Church. It was amazing and just what I needed. A couple weeks after that I went to a workshop with Joe Dispenza on how to re-invent ourselves.

Also coinciding with this time a new door opened in my life simply because a door closed. As a result of this closing and subsequent opening I’ve been in a major growth mode. I was giving my power away and believing something outside of me was responsible for my fulfillment.

Anytime we think our lives need to look a particular way or that we need a particular thing to fulfill us we lose the vibrancy and the joy of the present moment. And it is by being fully present and not fixated on a particular outcome that we open often get into the state we were seeking in the first place. We open to the moment and to infinite possibilities!

Is there some area of your life where you are giving your power away or resisting what is? Or someone or something that you are having difficulty with? If you’ve been stuck or fixated on something– then perhaps it’s time to see things with new eyes and therefore experience something new. As Wayne Dyer says “when the way we look at things change, the things we look at change.”

Often this new perspective happens when we do some inner exploration. Below are some resources that I’ve found that support inner transformation!

Wishing you light, love and possibility!



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