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Learn Mantra Meditation Today

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I’ve got an on-demand meditation program for you called Primordial Sound Meditation.

My love for meditation began at the age of 16, so my teaching style for Reiki has always infused some elements of meditation – especially during Attunements and self-Reiki.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve explored and experimented with all sorts of meditation techniques, and it’s funny how what turns out to be my favorite way to meditate on a daily basis circles back to my roots…

My favorite technique is a type of silent mantra meditation, admittedly has a kind of funny name.  

No, it’s not about pre-historic… And there are no singing bowls or chants involved; in fact, it’s a silent mantra practice.

What I love about Primordial Sound Meditation is it is a personal mantra-based technique. The word “mantra” means:

  • “man” = meditation
  • “tra” = instrument / vehicle

So, your mantra is the vehicle that takes you deep into a restful state.

Imagine waking up from your best night of restful sleep…You’re refreshed, revitalized…You feel fully energized for the day ahead…Your mind is clear, calm, and focused…You’re in good spirits, tuned in, and filled with a sense of possibility!

This is what a consistent Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM) practice can do for your life!

Best of all, because it’s a silent meditation, you can practice it anytime and anywhere. Just sit comfortably and close your eyes!

  • No need to charge your phone (or get interrupted by it)
  • There’s no need to choose a guided meditation from 100’s of options — they’re great, but sometimes you just want a deep state of rest + quiet.

So, the way PSM works, I calculate your mantra for you via The Chopra Center – based on your birth date, time, and location.

Then, I guide you through how to use your mantra to take yourself into a deep, deep state of calm awareness and relaxation.

It feels like coming home to your true self when you’re meditating with a mantra that is naturally a part of YOU.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve offered PSM workshops in-person and online to meditators and Reiki practitioners. I even taught PSM as part of a college course at a premiere art & design institute in Detroit.

Everyone has loved PSM!

Because these days, most of my workshops have been focused on Reiki, including my ENERGI Reiki mentorship program. And these have been occupying my time…

I’ve created an on-demand PSM course! You can start TODAY with instant access to my NEW online Primordial Sound Meditation course! (which includes a LIVE 1-on-1 Mantra session with me on Zoom)

>> Click to learn about my NEW online PSM course

Here’s how it works…

You’ll get instant access to the first part of my video-based training.

You’ll get a link to schedule your private 1-hour PSM Mantra Session on Zoom, where I’ll share your personal mantra with you in a sacred ceremony.

After you’ve received your mantra, you’ll unlock additional training inside the course to perfect your practice of PSM and take you deeper.

The best of both worlds!

You get to explore the PSM content immediately – and at your own pace – inside the online course. And, with lifetime access, you can revisit the content anytime you like.

Plus, you get a sacred and personal LIVE Mantra session with me.

And now, you learn PSM for $200 less than I offered my group workshops!

>> Tap into the Power of your Personal Mantra

So, if you want a meditation technique to take with you everywhere to experience greater calm and clarity, click below and empower your life with your own PSM mantra!

I can’t wait to meditate with you!

Your Reiki & Meditation Mentor

– Lisa

Primordial Sound Meditation On demand course








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