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Online Reiki Classes: What it’s Like & How We Practice Virtually

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Reiki promotes greater calm, peace, well-being, deepened intuition and clarity on the path ahead.

While some student of my students want to add Reiki as a modality to the work they already practice others take Reiki to begin a career in the holistic healing arts – and other are just inexplicably drawn to Reiki.

There aren’t any pre-requisites to taking a Reiki class.

The beauty of Reiki is that you can start using it immediately and enjoy the impact Reiki makes in your daily life.

Apply Reiki to yourself, to other people, animals, plants, non-living objects, the  planet and to goals and situations.  Reiki is a simple yet profound practice. Reiki will support you in living your fullest life.

I taught Reiki in-person for 22 years.

In 2020 with the pandemic I was forced out of my comfort zone and into offering Reiki classes on Zoom.

Hesitant about taking Reiki classes virtually?

“I truly had a remarkable experience. Beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve been buzzing for days.

I found Lisa online and was honestly hesitant to take the Reiki Master class online via Zoom. I’ve been practicing Reiki in a clinical setting for several years. I was able to experience more deep relaxation through meditation and Reiki in this one weekend then I have in the past 5 years! It was really an incredible experience.

During the gazing exercise, I saw auras for the first time!

I would recommend any class Lisa Guyman teaches!”

Lindsay – 4/18/21 – read Lindsay’s full review here + additional 2021 Reiki testimonials.

After Lisa’s online class I am so passionate about Reiki and can’t wait to use this gift to help others! I love it!

Reiki kept popping up in my life for a while, and Lisa was the first person I was drawn to while researching classes. I was hesitant about the online classes due to covid, but I’m glad I jumped in anyway. Lisa is a very fun, loving, gifted teacher. I have already recommended her to everyone who asks about the class.

Now I know why Reiki came across my path and wouldn’t leave. After Lisa’s class I am so passionate about Reiki and can’t wait to use this gift to help others! I love it!

This is real!

This is absolutely amazing!

I was meant for this! To heal myself, my family and friends. When the time is right, I will change my whole career and do Reiki only. I am so excited.

Sunny 4/20/21 – + additional 2021 Reiki testimonials here.



Here’s a link >> to what my 2021 Reiki students are saying about their experience.

Below, is an overview of what it was like for me and my students in my VERY FIRST online Reiki weekend workshop last year.

Believe me I absolutely love being in the same physical space with my students AND had my doubts about virtual classes. It was a beautiful experience that far exceeded my expectations. It was just as moving and impactful as my in-person classes and in some ways the online classes feel more intimate.

Frankly the ONLINE experiences is so profound that I do not plan on returning to in-person classes. Sometimes the Universe guides us in a new direction and opens up new possibilities and in the process we discover a new path that is even more powerful.

So here’s what transpired in my first ever online Reiki weekend….22 years into teaching Reiki!

So how did the in-class practice of Reiki treatments work?


Students got set up (if they had a lucky someone to work on that they were on lockdown with) and I guided them step by step in giving a treatment.

  • Karen (a nurse) worked with her “client” seated.
  • LouAnn gave a treatment while her “client” relaxed on a yoga mat.
  • Anna (a yoga instructor), Kristen (a massage therapist) and Courtney had their “clients” relax massage tables.
  • Kelly (a nurse and now a massage therapist)  worked on her dog.
  • Jenny (a spiritual sojourner) did remote/long-distance Reiki on a client.
  • Neil (a professor) learned by pure observation.
  • Since the first class students have worked on either a family member (son, daughter, husband, wife), a friend or a pet from the comfort of their own homes.
Alternatively, if you register for my online workshop and don’t have anyone to work on “in-person” for the portion of the table practice in Reiki I/II you can ask a friend if they’d like to receive a remote table session from you and you’ll get to do a complete remote Reiki session for them!
 In Reiki II we do remote Reiki anyway so you don’t need to have someone in-person for that practice or for the Master and Teacher classes. The cool thing is that the online classes really show the POWER of remote Reiki. It wasn’t possible for students to get the level of confidence with remote Reiki in the in-person class. Now, it’s seamless.
For the Reiki Master class you’ll get to practice the table-work virtually with students in the class!
We do mini-breakouts too with lots of different Reiki sharing and experiences to build confidence, connect with classmates and leave you feeling connected and enthusiastic and even WOWed by Reiki.

Here are some student remarks/testimonials from my first Reiki classes online and here are the latest 2021 testimonials:

“I LOVED IT! It felt like we were in the same room.”

“The energy in the meditation and attunement was palpable.”

“Your presence was so calming and soothing.”

“The self-treatment was super relaxing.”

“It was a really powerful experience! I always enjoy learning from you!”

“Thank you very much, Lisa! It was such a wonderful experience.”

“I feel so grateful to be on this path and I know this is what I’m supposed to do. When can I take Reiki II and Master virtually?”

“I’ve had a lot on my mind and I feel much lighter now. I feel like myself again.”

“Since the class I have just felt really happy and good. I definitely feel energized and much more joyous.”

“As I’m putting together 2 courses at the university for this next session I so appreciate what you’ve been able to create with Zoom and the community here. It’s not easy. It takes a lot of work and effort. Thank you for making this available to us. I greatly appreciate it.”

“I so appreciated your expertise, patience, and supportiveness. You were excellent at of creating a feeling of cohesiveness amongst the group (in the online Reiki class).”

“The energy in the “room” was incredibly positive and healing.”

“Learning from home was even better than learning in person.”

“I just want to say I really enjoyed the online class. I’ve worked with a lot of energy people. I just really respected the way you come at it in such a humble way with so much  knowledge. I also really appreciated how mindful you were and how you you created such a safe and sacred space for the class.”

“You know I entered the class hesitant about navigating the virtual environment – perhaps even hesitant about the virtual training experience. I now know the zoom classroom didn’t leave me with anything less than a complete training. Actually, it was REMARKABLE how much of the experiential learning can be done with zoom…simply amazing how the reiki energy doesn’t require us to share physical space.”

“I wasn’t expecting to have such a profound experience. The meditation and attunement was even more powerful than what I experienced at your in-person Reiki workshops.”
“I truly appreciate this experience and the Reiki workshops I took last weekend… I am enjoying Reiki so much! Thanks again Lisa, you have changed so much in me.”


How about the Reiki Attunements?

I guide you into meditation…and then when it’s your turn to get attuned I say your name so you can notice the shift in energy that takes place. Long-distance Reiki works and long-distance attunements are amazing!

How about practicing Reiki remotely?

Well that is super easy as we definitely don’t need to practice on anyone in our same physical space! And in Zoom we do break out rooms and get to do long-distance Reiki to each other.

You get to see me give a Reiki treatment…and I narrate it live so you can ask any questions along the way.

How about the Reiki Teacher class and learning how to give attunements?

You get to watch me to an attunements and then I walk you through how to give an attunement live on the Zoom! And you’ll be giving attunements to one another in class!

I’ve taught ten online Reiki workshops since 2020. The energy in the workshop is palpable and the attunements incredibly deep.

Start on your Reiki journey or continue your Reiki journey:

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