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Online Virtual Reiki Class: What is Like & How We Practice Virtually

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Here’s what happened in last weekend’s First Degree Reiki workshop . . . my first soiree online.

Believe me I absolutely love and enjoy being in the same physical space with my students AND had my doubts and my hesitations about virtual classes and I wasn’t sure how well things would go online. It turned out to be a beautiful experience. Students remarked at how intimate the workshop felt and how it seemed we were in the same room.

When it came time to teach students how to give a Reiki treatment I played a video of myself giving Reiki while my housemate was relaxing on a massage table. Then I narrated the video live in the course. This video was recorded by my niece, Paige, on the fly, March 12, when she was in town from Michigan (this was when the news was starting to break about Covid-19). I had an inkling that the domino effect would start and I’d have to consider another format.

So how did the in-class practice Reiki I treatments work?

Students got set up (if they had a lucky someone to work on that they were on lockdown with) and I guided them step by step in giving a treatment.

  • Karen worked with her “client” seated.
  • LouAnn gave a treatment while her “client” relaxed on a yoga mat.
  • Anna, Kristen and Courtney had their “clients” relax massage tables.
  • Kelly worked on her dog.
  • Jenny visualized working on a regular client.
  • Neil learned by pure observation.
Alternatively, if you don’t have anyone to work on “in-person” for the portion of the table practice in Reiki I/II ask a friend if they’d like to receive a remote table session from you and you’ll get to do a complete remote Reiki session for them!
 In Reiki II we do remote Reiki anyway so you don’t need to have someone in-person for that practice or for the Teacher class.
For the Reiki Master class you’ll get to practice the table-work virtually with students in the class.

Here are some student remarks/testimonials from my first virtual Reiki I class:

I wasn’t expecting to have such a profound experience. The meditation and attunement was even more powerful than what I experienced at your in-person Reiki workshops.

I LOVED IT! It felt like we were in the same room.

The energy in the meditation and attunement was palpable.

Your presence was so calming and soothing.

The self-treatment was super relaxing.

It was a really powerful experience! I always enjoy learning from you!

Thank you very much, Lisa! It was such a wonderful experience.

I feel so grateful to be on this path and I know this is what I’m supposed to do. When can I take Reiki II and Master virtually?

I’ve had a lot on my mind and I feel much lighter now. I feel like myself again.

The energy in the “room” was incredibly positive and healing.

How about the Reiki Attunements?

In the workshop I’ll guide you in meditation in the class. And then one-by-one you will be attuned. And you know when it’s your turn because I’ll say your name. Long-distance Reiki works and so do long-distance attunements!

How about practicing Reiki remotely?

Well that is super easy as we definitely don’t need to practice on anyone in our same physical space! And in Zoom we do break out rooms and get to do long-distance Reiki to each other.

How about the Reiki Master table practice and learning energetic release?

If you have someone at home you can work on (with all the coronavirus concerns and social distancing taken into account) you are good to go. I’ll be guiding you step-by-step through doing the energetic release process.

Also, this can be practiced on yourself or remotely!

How about the Reiki Teacher class and learning how to give attunements?

I will be demonstrating how to do the attunements and walking you through how to give an attunement live on the call!

When are my next Zoom Reiki classes?

Online – July 31-August 2- Virtual Reiki Intensive Training

Online – October 2-4- Virtual Reiki Intensive Training


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