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The Power of Reiki Practice

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Here’s a snapshot of what we talked about at a Experience Reiki event that I offered last week on Zoom…

One thing that came up with the group was the power of practicing Reiki and how it’s through practicing Reiki that we build our confidence and trust in Reiki. Here’s a quick video of a Reiki student of mine talking about the power of taking action.

Another thing that came up was the question of how to deal with difficult to reach areas for self-Reiki. The good news is “we don’t need to.” The whole body benefits when we do self-Reiki, so we don’t need to treat (or reach) each area. Thank goodness!

Like meditation, Reiki is known to elicit a state of deep relaxation and that state (opposite of the fight/flight/freeze/stress state) supports the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms and helps the mind move from a state of overwhelm/stress to a state of greater ease!

The most common feedback I’ve gotten over my 20 years of practicing Reiki is:

“That’s the most relaxed I’ve ever felt!”

“I’ve never felt this good!”

The great thing is how easy it is to learn Reiki and how wonderful it is to practice Reiki on ourselves and others. Reiki helps us establish greater balance and ease in our lives, not to mention how much Reiki supports our personal growth.

There were also questions about what to do after taking a Reiki class and how to get practice in to grow confidence. After a weekend workshop with me, students often want to share contact information so they can stay in touch and practice with one another and share about their growth.

Other students want to be a part of community and practice and Reiki with the support of like-minded others. I’ve got a Reiki mentorship program, LIVE on Zoom, which is just that – a place to be guided in practice and be a part of a thriving community.

open the doors to ENERGI once a year.

Growth isn’t a straight line though. It zigs and zags. I had gotten off track with self-Reiki, but now I’m deep into the habit of beginning my day with self-Reiki.

I just love how I’m feeling more energetic, lighthearted, and rested when I’m consistent with my spiritual practice (Reiki and Primordial Sound Meditation).

If you’re wanting to establish a consistent spiritual practice and have been putting off learning Reiki, or waiting for the perfect time… why wait to accelerate your personal growth and help friends/family and the community with Reiki?

Maybe the perfect time is now?

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