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Why not take a train to Amsterdam, instead of Paris?

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Looking up at the train schedule at the Brussels airport, I felt like a kid in a candy store, ready for my adventure!

“Why not take a train to Amsterdam, instead of Paris?”

At 23 years old, it was my first solo trip to Europe, and I was full of anticipation. I decided to throw my original itinerary to the wind – and live in the moment.

I phoned my parents to let them know I had arrived safely, and was changing my plans (going to Amsterdam, instead of my friend’s place in Paris). I could only imagine the look of worry on my Mom’s face ? as I was dialing her number…

I was relieved to get the answering machine.

Those were the days of pay phones – long before we had the convenience of cell phones and the internet.

“Hey, I just got to Belgium. I’m getting on a train to Amsterdam. I’ll try you in a couple days.”

I hung up the phone and jumped on the train.

My HUGE suitcase didn’t lend itself to my spontaneity…

It didn’t even have wheels, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me.

When I got off the train in Amsterdam, a young guy noticed me struggling with my luggage.

He approached me and asked if I needed a place to stay, offering to help with my luggage.

Since I was traveling alone, I was skeptical about going with him – my guard was up.

When he mentioned that other Americans were staying with him, I thought, “What the heck, I’ll check it out.”

As we were walking down the street, we crossed paths with the American travelers.

They seemed nice. so, I said, “Yes!”

Check out where I got to stay for a few nights in Amsterdam… That’s right! We stayed on a houseboat! Boat and breakfast. How cool is that?


And here’s my first night out with a fellow traveler!



So… why am I telling you about my trip from the late 80’s? Or more exactly, 1989, the summer after I graduated from the University of Michigan.

When we travel, we break from our daily routines and get to explore new sights and meet new people.

This refreshes our perspective on life – it nourishes the soul.

I’ve always had a spark of adventure inside me…

From going on meditation retreats and a scuba diving camp in my teens, to taking countless personal growth workshops as an adult.

It feels great to say “Yes” to adventure and stretch myself with new experiences.

Just last week, a friend invited me to join her on a spur-of-the-moment trip… We plotted a 4-day getaway to Encinitas, California.

It was all so refreshing!

…feeling the ocean breeze
…the sound of crashing waves
…the taste of the salty air
…walking barefoot on the beach

Just what my SOUL needed.

And if that wasn’t enough… I was completely touched by the story of Dave’s Rock Garden (I’ll share more in a moment)

Most of us don’t travel as much as we’d like, but we all know how good it can feel to awaken the soul in this way.

It’s easy to let our daily demands cloud over our deep sense of aliveness and wonder.

But you don’t have to take a train to Amsterdam (and worry your mom ?), or fly to California, to feed your soul.

My favorite ways to connect to my true sense of self are through my practices of meditation and Reiki. (It’s like an inner adventure!)

Even my students have described my Reiki classes as a kind of retreat or inner voyage.

What I love most about these practices is that I can access them any time, any where.

Stay you and keep adventuring, Lisa!

Lisa “slept on a houseboat” Guyman

P.S. What touched me most on my California trip was experiencing Dave’s Rock Garden and hearing his heartfelt story. Here’s a video I made about it



Here’s my schedule of upcoming Reiki Workshops:

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A shout out for Mothers’ Day!

Celebrating you, family, and of course moms on Mother’s Day!

Here’s a photo of my Mom and I on one of our many travel adventures… and another photo of my Mom and Dad on vacation in Charlevoix, Michigan.

I miss my Mom and Dad, tremendously. They certainly lived full lives. Here I share about my Mom’s mystical “graduation” from earth school.

Mom and Dad, I know you’re having amazing adventures on the other side. Love you and miss you…

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