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Exploring the Second Reiki Principle – Invoking Gratitude

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“What are you Paying Attention to? by Lisa Guyman  – An Exploration of the Second Principle of Reiki” by Lisa Guyman

It’s a culturally conditioned habit to sacrifice the present moment waiting for some elusive future moment. We can break that habit by focusing on gratitude. Take a time out, laugh, play, breathe, notice the beauty around you, think of those you love! This moment can be that future perfect moment. It’s all in what we focus on!

Paying attention to what we don’t want can cost a lot! It creates stress and a lack of enjoyment of life.

I’m guilty! I find myself regularly objecting to some aspect of what is occurring (or isn’t occurring) in my life. When I’m in that state (objecting to present circumstances) I’m not in a place of happiness or empowerment, nor do I have as much to give.

It is said that all suffering is resisting what is. IMAGINE for a moment how you would feel if you released all objections and all resistance to anything internal or external that is going on.

As I imagine this I feel a sense of expansion and peace and that certainly feels a lot better than frustration and disenchantment (or as Byron Katie says it feels better than “arguing with reality”).

“Just for today be grateful” is one of the five principles of Reiki as talked about in Reiki Workshops . The founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui established a set of Reiki principles as a result of the inspired writings of the emperor of Japan at that time, Meijii!

Each of the Reiki principles has a potent meaning. Gratitude when truly put into practice can help us shift from discontent and irritability to a state of love and grace where we are noticing abundance instead of lack.

Have you ever had everything in your life exactly as you wanted it? If you did, I’m guessing it didn’t last that long. I’m not trying to burst any bubbles, it’s just fairly accurate to say that having things perfectly arranged doesn’t last long. We almost always think something should be different in our lives (from trivial daily stuff to larger picture stuff). If instead of focusing on getting all the externals in place we focus on gratitude and on enjoying the ride we’ll have a much better experience of life!

And to me this is what this Reiki principle is about…it’s about finding a genuine appreciation for the moment as it is and appreciating all that we do have. And when we are present with life just as it is….we enjoy life more and are actually in a better place for creating what we want on the outside. We can be vibrantly alive and actively engaged in changing/creating our lives anew and yet be in a state of grace with life just as it is.

The Reiki principles (complete list or Reiki Principles linked to here) were designed to be a part of the fabric of our daily lives. So I invite you today to invoke this principle of Reiki “just for today I will be grateful” and then notice how different your day feels.

Wishing you a greater sense of peace, abundance, possibility and expansion!

Article 2 – Sept. 2014

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