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Reiki Shares – Denver, Colorado

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Join Lisa Guyman and other Reiki Practitioners for a Reiki Share

Who is Invited?: Reiki I, II, Masters and Teacher’s practitioners. This is for all certified Reiki students.

What: An opportunity for Reiki Practitioners to give and receive Reiki in a supportive environment.

Location: Amaranth Apartments; Yoga Room; 2190 E 11th Avenue; Denver, CO 80206.

When is the Next Reiki Share:  Reiki Shares are on hold for the time being due to the new location and Lisa’s travel schedule and other things demanding her attention.

What to Bring:  Your amazing self and perhap a bottle of water!

Cost:  FREE.  Donations welcome.

Also email me if you’d like to be on my Reiki Share reminder email list and specify if you want me to forward your email to Robyn so she can add you to her list, too!

How it Works: Every attendee has the opportunity to receive Reiki and give Reiki. We’ll have groups of 6-7 per table i.e. one person receiving and the other 4-6 giving at the same time (or we may break into smaller groups depending on the number of those that attend). It’s really wonderful to give and receive Reiki in this way.

Hope to see you soon!

Namaste, Lisa      



8 Responses to “Reiki Shares – Denver, Colorado”
  1. Kerensa Meadows says:

    I am interested in coming to the 1/23 Reiki share in Denver. I just recently completed Reiki I and II.



  2. Lisa Guyman says:

    Great! I’ve added you to my notification list. I’ll be sending out an invite/reminder a few days before the Reiki Share with all the details. I’ll include the address in the reminder email. See you then! Lisa

  3. jodi hastings says:

    I am interested in the Reiki Share on January 23, 2012. I will have taken Reiki I and Reiki II.

  4. Lisa Guyman says:

    Hi Jodi, Great! I will add you to my email reminder list for the Reiki Shares. I’ll look forward to seeing you there. Lisa

  5. Megan Carr says:

    Hi Lisa, I’m interested in the April 19th Reiki Share. I’ve completed Reiki 1.

  6. Lisa Guyman says:

    Great! All Reiki Practitioners from all traditions are welcome. I’ll add you to my Reiki Notifications list and you can also be added to my mailing list if you like.

  7. Christopher says:

    My wife and I are interested in coming to a reiki share. We are both level 1.

  8. Lisa Guyman says:

    That is great! And all levels of Reiki welcome. I sent you a regular email too. Anyone wishing to be notified of Reiki Shares that I offer please email me and I’ll add you to my notification list. Also, good to join my general mailing list.