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Reiki Stories

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Reiki in Everyday Life

  • Reiki in the Middle of Nowhere:  On a holiday weekend I went camping with a group of woman. After sightseeing in a very small town, we broke off into two groups. I was with a friend of mine and a woman I had just met. We had to turn off into a gas station because Susan began to shake; she was about to have a seizure. She didn’t want us to call an ambulance so we took her into a restroom. I thought well the only thing I know is “Reiki.” So I placed my hands on her shoulders and back and gave her a Reiki Treatment.  When all was said and done she exclaimed that it was the shortest seizure she ever had and the only time she didn’t get sick when having a seizure.
  • The Library: Another time, I walked into a library and on the floor was an elderly gentlemen. A librarian was seated next to him and help was on its way. I sat beside him and took his hand. Paramedics soon arrived. I stepped about 12 feet back, kneeled and beamed Reiki to the gentlemen. He was repeating over and over again. “Oh my god, I’m sorry, this is it” Then started saying “who is doing that?” I’m certain he was referring to me. The paramedics asked what I was doing. I said “doing Reiki, energy work” and they thanked me. I moved outside to a bench and Reiki’ed the gentlemen as they carried him away and the paramedics again extended appreciation to me.
  • Reiki on the Bus: One of my clients/students really knows how to have fun with Reiki. His car had broken down so it was time to ride the bus for a while. As he got on the bus he though “cool, I can do Reiki on here.” He observed folks. One young man got on the bus with blasting music on his headphones and a scowl on his face. My client proceeded to send him Reiki. The next day, the boy arrived still with a scowl, but this time the music wasn’t so loud. The next day, the headphones were gone and so was the scowl. The young man looked around the bus and sat right next to my client, mind you there were many entirely open seats and as we all know etiquette (and in general our personal desire for space) directs most of us to an empty seat, but this kid had a sixth sense.
  • The Empty Cup:  One of my students works in a mobility facility. One particular boy there was very troublesome, almost impossible to handle, constantly in a tantrum. My student decided to try Reiki on him from across the room and he seemed to calm down. Later, she did a short Reiki treatment on him and he fell asleep (this was a miracle). Others at the facility began asking her what she did to him because he was so changed. She realized he was an empty cup that needed some filling.
  • The Skeptic: I lectured once to a group of about fifteen in Golden and at the end I offered five minute Reiki Sessions. One man in particular was completely stunned. After I finished applying Reiki through his shoulders he looked at me in awe and said “I was a complete skeptic after the lecture, but now I know. He thanked me profusely.”
  • Pain Relief: I also lectured a group of 50 in Broomfield.  At the end, Charlotte and I offered five minute Reiki treatments as well.  We worked on about 40 people.  They loved it!  One woman who was in excruciating pain and could barely get out of bed (came that day to hear about Reiki and almost had to leave in the middle) received about 5 minutes of Reiki and was astounded because it relieved so much of her pain so fast!

Experiences from the Reiki Attunements (The attunement is a the process by which Reiki energy is activated)

  • Spinning:Many of my students have reported feeling like they were spinning or spiraling in the attunement. One student said he thought he might fall off his chair (glad he didn’t).
  • Rainbows: Many students see colors. Some have reported feeling their chakras spinning.
  • A Helping Hand: Several of my students have felt a hand on their knee, back, etc. (and it wasn’t mine). One of my students asked me how I knew to put my hand over her ribcage during the attunement (I only touch the head, heart, shoulders and hands!). She said she was in a lot of pain and it went away after “I” put my hand there. She was very surprised it wasn’t me having had no previous experience of guides.
  • Hara Alignment:Barbara Brennan speaks of aligning our hara. This is the energy line that runs through the central core of the chakras. It aligns us with our purpose. She has exercises in her book Light Emerging which I teach in the Master’s class for aligning the hara. Interestingly enough, a couple students have remarked that they have felt tilted after the attunement or felt they were beside themselves. I believe the attune helps to straighten the hara and bring us into the center of energy field/aura. The hara is often off-balance; therefore when we straighten or align it we may feel tilted when in fact our hara is newly aligned.

The Cleanse (after a Reiki attunement a clearing of energy is activated; this is called a Reiki cleanse)

  • My Experience: The cleanse varies for everyone. Most people notice an increased sense of calm, an inner peace and therefor less stress. I mostly felt tired and sleepy. I also had cold like symptoms. Nothing fancy or fun for me. I suppose that is good because I don’t create fanciful expectations for my students.
  • Tears: One of my Reiki I students said she hadn’t cried in years. A few days after the class she found herself balling on the way home from work for no particular reason. Other students have noticed moodiness and a need to process stuff in their lives.
  • More Tears: One student said she hadn’t cried in twenty years and the tears began to flow after First Degree Reiki.
  • Reunions with Friends: Reiki seems to lift barriers and re-connect us. One of my students had an uncanny experience. After Reiki I she received two phone calls and one email from three long lost friends. This all happened in the same day! None of the friends knew each other and all of them lived out of state.
  • Stress Relief and a New Calm: Many students find that after a Reiki class a new calm comes into their lives. One student of mine said she has always been high strung and after taking the class felt at ease. Her husband said “is there something wrong”. She was out of character and was feeling calm and laid back about this huge party she was about to throw.
  • Reiki on the Road: One day I was getting ready to go skiing in the morning and I didn’t have a good feeling about it – not a bad feeling, but not good. As we were heading up I-70 into the Colorado mountains I got that feeling again and told the person I was with, Dami. We both drew the Reiki protection/power symbol and minutes later we were spared from an accident as the vehicle in front of us spun out and did a 360 in the middle of the highway.

Reiki for the Objects of our Lives

  • Scientifically: As science has told us everything is alive! Everything is composed of energy, therefore anything can be Reiki’d.
  • The Car Engine that Could: One day I got in my car ready to go out and do numerous errands and I was surprised by the “service engine light.” I proceeded anyway and ran many errands that day and each time I’d start Lucky (that is my cars name) the light would go on and stay on. I got home that evening, opened my hood, looked around, checked the fuses, Reiki’d the engine and went to sleep. In the morning, I got in the car, started the engine and Lucky was free of the “service engine light.”
  • Tickets to a Hockey Game: O.K. I know Reiki isn’t about getting things, but my friend and I had been standing outside for over an hour trying to buy Red Wings vs. Avalanche tickets to no avail. Finally, I said lets do Reiki. We drew the Power Symbol and I said “we are good people and we’d love to go the game so if its meant to be bring us tickets.” A minute later a car pulled up and a little girl had tickets in her hand. She asked if we needed tickets. I said “yes how much are they?”. Her reply was “they are yours, my dad says we don’t need them.”

Healing the Past

  • Distance Healing: Out of my very first Reiki II class came an incredible story of distance healing. One of my students had taken Reiki originally with some hope of helping her husband with his back pain. The Reiki helped, but the pain remained. After Reiki II she decided to try the long distance healing to send healing to her husband’s painful past. Her husband’s father had died when he was quite young and when he was 10 he lost his mom in a tragedy. His mom had gotten engaged and the fiancée, the mom and him were traveling to Disney Land for the ceremony. In Utah, they swerved off the road and the mother and the fiancée were killed. Fortunately, the state trooper decided to take him in until things got settled. The boy had no family or godparents so he went from foster home to foster home. Mary sent Reiki back to the time of the accident and to her complete astonishment they received a phone call in a matter of days from the Sheriff’s daughter. She had been searching for him for years and had given up but she said something made her make a couple more phone calls. She called to tell him that they had tried to adopt him and take him permanently into their family, but the system wouldn’t allow it. This brought a great healing to his heart (and back) having this newly found connection.
  • Reunited: I have seen a few of my students re-unit with family members after 5, 10, 15, 20 years of separation. It seems that by one family member taking Reiki and raising their vibration that of the whole family is raised allowing bygones to be bygones.

Incurable Diseases

  • Disappearing Disease: For one of my first Second Degree Reiki classes we sent Reiki to a child who had been diagnosed with an incurable dis-ease. We did a long-distance Reiki Treatment and later I received word from my student that the dis-ease had disappeared and the doctors were astounded. They wanted to run all sorts of tests and chart the case into medical history. The parents decided to leave well enough alone.
  • Cancer Remission: Another story I read about in Miracles of Mind was that of a doctor who had opened a patient up only to find cancer in every organ of his body. He knew it was pointless to operate since the man only had a couple months at best. The Doctor didn’t have the heart to tell the man. Years later the Doctor ran into him. He was astonished. The guy said ever since the surgery he began feeling better and he was doing great!

Master Level of Reiki

  • Powerful Attunement: I took my Master Level of Reiki without telling my clients and surprisingly a couple of my clients asked what was different. My one client is attuned to Reiki and she said after her Reiki session that day “wow was that powerful – what was different?” Another client who hasn’t studied Reiki or anything metaphysical and is a fairly big partygoer also asked me what was different.

Pets and Reiki

  • The Autopilot Dog: One of my students began Reiki-ing her dog after the Reiki I class. Her dog received a full-body Reiki treatment, night after night. First she would Reiki his head, then his stomach and legs and then turn him over and Reiki his back. One night she was too tired to do Reiki, but her dog expected it. She laid down in bed with her hands out and her dog proceeded to put his head in her hands, then moved into the Reiki positions for his stomach and flipped over and moved position by position till he was done. Amazing!
  • Choosy Eaters Choose Reiki: Another student of mine has three dogs and she began giving Reiki to her dogs and also Reiki’d their food and water after her Reiki I class. One of her dogs is a real finicky eater. Now, he only eats his food or drinks his water if she has done Reiki to it first. It is not that the dog saw her hold the food or water; she Reiki’d the food/water when they weren’t even in the room.
  • Reiki and the Fish Tank: It was time to clean the fish tank. Supposedly, fish can only take so much clean water at once. My student was overzealous and put lots of freshwater in the tank and the pour fish sank to the bottom of the tank and went belly up. (This is a great analogy for not trying to change things too fast. It may look good and we may want to do everything at once, but we may go belly up). She Reiki’d the tank and the fish slowly began to get better.
  • Miraculous Turnaround: One of my students had a dog that was on the brink of life.  He was diagnosed with a level 5 heart murmur.  She did Reiki on him everyday.  Weeks later when she returned to the Veterinarian he was stunned.  He continued checking all around her pet’s chest and listening carefully.  In amazement he said “This is a miracle. Your dog no longer has a heart murmur.”  It was a combination of Reiki, love and divine intervention.
  • Back to His Old Self: Another student of mine was called by a friend saying she was putting her dog down, Sam,  because he wasn’t well.  He was eating little, moving little, unresponsive.  My student said “wait” please let me do Reiki first.  Much to everyone’s amazement Sam’s response to the Reiki was immediate.  In hours he was his “old self” again.

Reiki and Children or Teens

  • Sweet Dreams: One of my students gave her teenage son a Reiki Treatment.  He had trouble sleeping. He thought it was strange, but said you can try it before he went to sleep. He commented that he slept really well that night. After the first night, he started asking for Reiki every night.
  • Sleeping Beauty: One of my student’s took the weekend Reiki intensive and on the second evening of the class did Reiki on her 3 year old before puting her to bed.  Usually putting her daughter to bed was a chore with lots of struggle and tears.  She went right to sleep after the Reiki.  When she awoke a few hours later she asked her mom to “do what she did before” and she went right back to sleep.  My student’s husband exclaimed “if that’s all you get out of this class it was worth every penny.”  She likes Reiki so much she is coming back to take the Reiki Teacher’s course.

Reiki – How it Affects Our Touch

  • As Massage Therapists: My clients have remarked over and over and over again that there is something different about my touch. I think it is two things – one that I truly do care and my heart is in it and the other is Reiki. Clients say my touch is “magic,” “spiritual,” “better than any other massage they have ever had.,” “sacred,” “filled with love,” that I have “grandmas hands (in this case grandma was a very powerful, deep, wise, present being)”
  • New Energy: I have taught Reiki to other massage therapists and they too have said that their clients remark on “the energy,” their new touch.

Dear Reiki Student:
I love to hear your stories! So, please email me or drop me a letter to share stories or experiences you have had.

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