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Remember Your Spiritual Essence in the Midst of To Do’s

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glasses anotherdownloadRemember your spiritual infinite essence, the vastness of your soul.

Don’t lose light.  Don’t lose sight.   Then dive in  . . . but keep reflecting back to that larger sense of yourself.

Are much greater things in your future?

Maybe they look like accomplishments, maybe like travel, maybe influence, maybe laying in the grass and laughing like a child. Maybe like truly noticing those near to you (without your story of them) and connecting in presence with all you encounter. Maybe radiating love each and every day.  And loving yourself just as you are right now.

Greatness is never truly in the future, it’s now.

Don’t wait for the world to change.

It’s all inside.

You are an amazing infinite being showing up for a moment of time.

Remember.  Then act.




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