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Review Just In – Journey into Meditation CD – Top Three Meditation CDS

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Journey Into Meditation is a wonderful combination of general meditation advice and two great guided meditation tracks, by Lisa Guyman and James Ripley.

Not only does this CD offer two wonderful guided meditation tracks, it also discusses some of the sciences behind the way your mind works. Touching also on how meditation positively affects your mind, in short 2-3 minute vocal only recordings. It’s not only great for relaxing, but you’ll walk away having learned something new about yourself.

The guided meditation tracks themselves also offer something that’s unique in the space. They’ve used binaural tones to help get you into a state of deep relaxation—which as an audiophile and technology lover, I really enjoyed seeing. For those that are not familiar with binaural audio, headphones are required for this to take any effect.

James and Lisa’s voices are incredibly soothing, which as stated above, is something that’s imperative to a good guided meditation session. If you aren’t enjoying your guides voice, it’s extremely likely you won’t benefit from the guided meditation session.

For those who want to learn more about meditation and the effects on the brain, I would definitely recommend this collection.

Review from QuickMeditation.Info site

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