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Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning – Outside In & Inside Out

by Lisa Guyman

Spring is a time of starting anew so it’s the perfect time to clean up our environments, our habits, our ideas, etc.  It’s a time to let go of old stuff, be it physical, mental or emotional.  Depending on where you’re at, you may want to use the energy of spring to clear your home, cleanse your body, or to let go of other habits or ideas that aren’t supporting you.

My spring ‘clearing’ began with de-cluttering my home and donating things I no longer needed/wanted.  We can free up energy by paring down our closets, drawers, bookshelves, furniture and paperwork.

The criteria for getting rid of stuff is – if you don’t use it or love it, then give it to someone that can or will.  Clutter drags our energy down so why keep it around? If you need help clearing up your space you can ask for input from a professional or from family or friends.  This is particularly helpful with clothes (as many of us develop a blind spot when it comes to wardrobe). I really believe it takes consistent effort to keep up with de-cluttering.

We can also clean up our eating and exercise habits.  This is where I can have trouble.  I do eat healthy foods, but it’s the half-package of cookies or the pint of ice cream that is the problem (and my on again off again routine with exercise). I needed a jumpstart so I began a 9-day cleanse yesterday.  I’m also going for lots of walks.  Next, it’s the gym for me.

So how can you start anew physically?  A healthier diet, more exercise, stretching, yoga, massage, more sleep, an internal cleanse, deep rejuvenation through meditation?  Or is it ‘taking it easy’ that you need, more leeway in your diet, less exercise, more lightheartedness, etc.?  What will put that spring back in your step?

Spring cleaning on an emotional level may mean a good cry, or maybe it’s letting go of the idea that we should always be in a good mood, or it might mean saying no and taking some time for ourselves.   Mentally we can also free up space by choosing to gear our thoughts in a more positive direction and by noticing when we’re being too hard on ourselves.  We can give ourselves a break and learn tobe a good friend to ourselves.

So let some things go.  Take some positive action.  And think good things.  You deserve it.

Happy Spring to you all.


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