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The Beauty of Uncertainty and Inaction – The Cycles of Life

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The Cycle of Change by Lisa Guyman

Life is cyclical. And part of our work is seeing where we are in the cycle and embracing that. The CYCLE: Inspiration, action, collaboration, maintenance, integration, letting go, rest, renewal, retreat, silence, stillness, inaction. Inspiration!

It’s been 7 weeks since I moved back across the country from Denver, Colorado to Rochester, Michigan. Here is what I wrote on the plane on January 26, 2016:

I’m on the flight from the Denver to Detroit and I’m incredibly excited about what lies ahead. I’m moving into the unknown in many ways. What will my life look like in six months, in a year? I’m not sure. And I love that.

I’ve rented a furnished place in downtown Rochester. I get to show up and unpack my clothes, some books and essentials. And I’m “home.” And I’m free. Free to dive into the dream of what I want to create now. It’s a new life! And my life feels incredibly vital and alive!

I am ecstatic and relieved that I am moving into a furnished place and that I dispensed of the majority of my furniture and décor and nick knacks. I move in tonight! And I’m alive with excitement.

The past six months have been rigorous. It started with getting my Mom happily and lovingly situated in Independent Living and getting her house ready for the market (you can read my newsletter “Selective Attention and Zooming into the Moment”).

And this last month, the SIXTH month, I wrapped up my life of nineteen years in Denver (yes in 3.5 weeks of time). I couldn’t have wrapped up my house in Denver without the help of my friends (read my newsletter about “The Ultimate Decluttering Process” ).

And to top it off Robin, my friend of 19 years, hosted the most amazing, thoughtful and loving going away party. I’m grateful that it was an “until we meet again goodbye” and not a final farewell. THANK YOU ROBIN! I am forever touched.



UPDATE March 12, 2016. Each week I open an envelope with well wishes from my party (a special touch Robin organized). These make me smile or tear up or both. Thank you guys! I do believe that for those we truly connect with that connection is there ALWAYS, near or far. I miss you and love you.


What surfaced after I arrived was a need for rest. As I reflect upon that six month time frame it’s no wonder I am burned out.

I’ve been taking what time I can to regenerate and integrate all the changes that have taken place. I’ve embraced low productivity and imperfection particularly in my “work.” I’ve also found it nearly impossible, anyway, to initiate work-related endeavors or to truly connect inside with what my next plans or my next creations will be.

WHAT’S NOW? I’m in a place of UNCERTAINTY or as Deepak Chopra would say “POSSIBILITY”. I’m not clear on the direction for what’s next. It’s an interesting time of having questions and not having the answers. It’s a little disconcerting. I prefer the phase of INSPIRATION and CLARITY.

There are, however, many things in the works (most unknown even to me). We’ll see what unfolds!

Where are you at?

If you tune in to your mind, body and soul: is it a time of initiation, a time of stabilizing, a time for regeneration?

Do you feel a need to clear something (de-cluttering physically, mentally, or emotionally)?

Is it a time of focusing on well-being? Is it a time for engaging new possibilities?
May you be totally present to wherever you find yourself in your journey!

And remember to breathe!


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