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The Reiki Principles

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What are the Reiki principles and where did they come from?

Some sources state that the principles were created by Dr. Usui others state that they were created by the Emperor of Japan.  Either way, Dr. Usui was said to have recited these principles on a daily basis.

There are various versions of the Reiki Principles.  I believe that in life we need to choose expressions, principles and affirmations that resonate with us.  Here are several different versions that incorporate the essence of the Reiki principles:

For today only
anger not, worry not.
Be grateful and humble.
Do your work with appreciation.
Be kind to all beings

Modern Reiki Principles:
Just for today, I will not worry (link to an article on worry)
Just for today, I will not anger – (link to an article on releasing anger/impatience).
Today, I will live honestly and with integrity.
Just for today, I will respect the oneness of all life
Just for today, I will be kind to everyone I meet
Just for today, I will show gratitude to all living things (link to an article on gratitude).

Reiki Principles  in Affirmation Form
Today, I choose to live in the now and let go of worry
Today, I choose to be free of anger and judgment
Today, I will live honestly and with integrity
I respect and honor the oneness of all life
I choose to be kind to everyone I meet and also kind to myself
I choose to feel and show gratitude to all living things

Another Version
Just for Today I choose to be FREE of Worry
Just for Today I choose to be FREE of Anger or Impatience.
Today I choose to be grateful.
Today I choose to be kind and compassionate toward all, including myself.
Today I choose to work and live in integrity.

In gratitude to Dr. Usui for following a path of the heart and bringing Reiki to the world.

If you are drawn to Reiki know that you are drawn for a reason.  I encourage you to explore Reiki.  Receive a treatment and take a workshop.   It’s am amazing form of energywork.   While I teach courses in Colorado and Michigan and Texas, there are many wonderful Reiki teachers all over the world.  Be sure to find a teacher that resonates with you!

Reiki Principles Video


Reiki Principles Practice

Place your hands in any area that particularly needs it (healing energy). I am going to say a few affirmations, a version of the Reiki Principles and you can change the words if you like and repeat after me aloud or silently. Or you can just rest and be reflective of the meaning of the words.

Today, I choose to be free of worry.

Today, I choose to be free of anger and impatience.

Today, I choose to live and work in integrity, being of service.

Today, I choose to be kind and compassionate toward myself and others knowing that we are all one.

Today I choose to live with gratitude and love.

Take a moment now to send Reiki out to all live, out to your loved ones and to all beings.

Wishing happiness for all. Send Reiki to the planet for healing and now to the Universe.

Giving thanks for all those that have helped. Giving thanks for the Reiki for this moment. I give thanks to you for practicing with me. Zipping up your central meridian line. Bring hands to base chakra and up to nose, three times. Enjoy your day!

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2 Responses to “The Reiki Principles”
  1. Shraddha says:

    hello, i learnt reiki first level yesterday and i am very glad!

    but it is getting very difficult for me to follow these 5 simple rules,.. they seem simple but indeed tough to follow.

    I get angry very soon, i lie sometimes and and that is being dishonest.
    i need to come out of it

  2. Lisa Guyman says:

    Instead of rules think of the Reiki Principles as intentions. Rules can be broken whereas intentions can’t.

    Self awareness is the first step toward change so I commend you being aware. Know that Reiki (self treatments and receiving from others), meditation, being in nature and anything else that makes you feel connected will help you release stress. Stress is often what causes anger, impatience and dishonesty. As you release stress you’ll naturally find greater calm and find yourself being able to be more truthful and authentic.

    So perhaps….you can say “I intend to….” instead of “I will…”

    Enjoy the journey. Keep exploring.