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The Transformational Healing Method™

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Hypnosis for the Body, Mind and Soul

State-of-the-art techniques for extraordinary personal work:

  • A powerful new approach for working with the subconscious, higher consciousness and the energy system i.e. the Transformational Healing Method™ as developed by Marilyn Gordon of The Center for Hypnotherapy in Oakland, CA.
  • A three-step process of transformation (“experience, release, and transform”).
  • A special relaxation process that allows you to go deeply into relaxation and access deeper states of being.
  • Specific techniques for accessing subconscious material, helping you get to the root causes or antecedents of current life issues.
  • Approaches for working with higher consciousness states to handle the difficulties of life, assisting clients to find their wisdom, love and peace.
  • The Transformation Healing Method™ is applicable to many areas of life including trauma, fears, inner sabotage, past life issues, work or relationship issues, life direction, physical issues, lack of self-worth and many more.
  • Learn to reframe your issues.
  • Valuable new approaches to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), an energy therapy technique for working with the meridian system to release issues. (For more information on EFT visit
  • The powerful Wise Mind Process™ for transforming the challenges of life.
  • NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques for anchoring and future pacing.
  • Receive an original, personalized hypnosis recording (on CD or Mp3) to take home after your session – about 10-15 minutes in length.
  • Special process to help you identify your internal saboteurs.
  • A four-step process for sessions: the interview process, energy work, deep inner transformation and the creation of recordings.
  • Empowering and deep work to help you create a shift in your life so you can step into the realm of inner power and expansion.
  • Work effectively with the powers of light, wisdom and love.

Credit for content to The Hypnotherapy Center of Oakland, CA, a Marilyn Gordon’s extraordinary hypnotherapy school.

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