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Tis the Season…..Tips for De-Stressing & Finding Greater Enjoyment at the Holidays

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Tis the Season…..Tips for De-Stressing & Finding Greater Enjoyment at the Holidays

I hope this newsletter finds you well. I’m heading to the Detroit area (brrrrr) to spend time with family and friends.

This morning I heard a radio show and the interviewee talked about letting go of perfection at the holidays….not needing to find the perfect gifts, not needing to get “everything” done or done right….. I loved this message because it is so easy to put too much pressure on ourselves and on those around us at the holidays. The psychologist that was being interviewed said that in a year or two from now (or maybe in several weeks) we won’t remember most of the gifts we receive but we will remember and cherish the quality time and laughter we experience with those we love!

I would add that when we personalize a gift or write a thoughtful note this can mean much more than all the glitz, gadgets and glamour. One year I gave my niece Cassie several gifts, but one of the gifts was a tiny decorative box (about $5). Inside the box I placed a note about one of my prized memories of her. She told me that was her favorite gift!

Other areas that cause us stress at the holidays (and in life) are comparison and expectation. What if we let go of all comparison or expectation of what our lives should be like at the holidays and also released our expectations of all those around us? What if we just appreciated those that we love and all the good things in our lives and even the challenges? We may wish our lives were different and that is OK that can actually be a great springboard for moving in that direction in the New Year!

So here are some additional ideas for finding more enjoyment this season:

  • Focus on what you do like about the holidays (sparkling lights, seeing friends/family, traveling, staying in town, time off, hearing favorite songs, holiday treats, or when the season ends LOL.
  • If certain situations bring you down, then why not find something better to do. Allow yourself to say ‘yes’ ‘maybe’ or ‘no’ to invitations and also allow yourself to change your mind.
  • Limit your spending. It really isn’t about giving the perfect gift or about what you spend.
  • Luxuriate in whatever way suits you (reading a book, watching movies, attending yoga classes, getting a massage, hanging with friends, talking on the phone, or not talking, etc.).
  • Wishing you and your loved ones the Best this Holiday Season and in the New Year!


“Today as we step out of ourselves, and rest in each other’s company, in this marvelous universe, let us be grateful, profoundly grateful, that we met, that we exchanged e-mails, or smiles or embraces. That we acknowledged in humility, each other’s extraordinary presence. ” Deepak Chopra

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