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Updates from the Air/Road/Office

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Updates from the Air/Road/Office – August 2020

I’m writing to you from the road. I’m incredibly grateful I had the opportunity to fly back to Michigan to celebrate my brother’s 60th and to gather with family and friends.

(Photo: my brother and I at Argos Lake Park for his birthday- though you can’t see the lake, nor likely recognize either of us).

I’m continuing to offer Reiki classes on Zoom. It’s actually a very powerful way to learn Reiki! If you are considering taking a Reiki class as a brand-new student, or as a refresher or returning for a level – you’ll love it!

With COVID-19 protocols most of us have had to make adjustments in our lifestyles, shifting how we safely do things. I’ve been learning how to edit video and audio as class enhancements and as new material for YouTube and more. I also started Lightworkers Ignite (see link on the left) to help raise the vibration on the planet through meditation. My comfort zone has been stretched and so has my waistband.

My exercise routine with the closing of the gym took a major downshift with the exception of countless walks in the great outdoors (the dog is happy about this one). I’ve decided a fresh start is in order and I’m beginning a new morning yoga/fitness routine.

I hope that you’ve been stretched in good ways and able to move through these times with some ease, caring, patience and love. These have been uniquely challenging times and practicing compassion for oneself and for others will go a long way. Do what you can to raise your level of self-care (I’m speaking to myself here, too) and know that we’ll get through this together. With the impact of the coronavirus, the many losses suffered and the turbulence in the political system it behooves us all to raise our individual consciousness to help usher in healing and change for ourselves individually and for the collective consciousness.

When times are tough, we can sometimes forget to take the long view and to work with the power of intention-setting and manifestation in our lives. Thus, the rest of this newsletter is devoted to just that (the possibilities on the road ahead)!

To love and life,


With my brother on his 60th birthday!

With my Dawn and my nieces on the Detroit River

On a walk one evening

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