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A long time meditator introducing my workshops (video)

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I was interviewed about meditation by a national speaker, influencer, and consultant, Vanessa Emerson.

Vanessa took both my Reiki I, II, Master and Teacher training and my Primordial Sound Meditation mantra meditation workshop.

Because of the shifts she noticed in her life, she asked if she could interview me and introduce my work to her network of dental professionals.

Here’s how she and I crossed paths. It was a synchro-destiny of sorts.

In our lifetimes, we may never see the far-reaching ripple effects – of even the simplest things we say and do.

I’m truly grateful that I get to teach Reiki and meditation and see the transformations that unfold.

It’s so rewarding to witness the moment when a student experiences an “aha” moment or a deeply emotional shift during one of my workshops.

And I love getting emails from students weeks, months, and even years later sharing the story of their transformations.

Here’s how a profound shift came about for Vanessa…

In the midst of the pandemic, my close friend and consultant, Bryan, invited me to attend an online workshop about mindset and marketing. I love learning and growing, so I signed up.

About 400 people convened on Zoom from across the globe.

At one point, the workshop leader talked about the impact of following her calling. She teared up as she shared how it tied into the sudden loss of her mom all those years ago.

Then, she asked if we’d ever gotten meaningful guidance from someone we’d lost and asked for shares from the audience.

I reluctantly raised my virtual hand (hoping I wouldn’t get called on – I was a little nervous about getting vulnerable in front of 400 people I’d never met).

Before I could change my mind, she pulled me up “on stage” with her.

Unexpectedly, a flood of emotions rushed over me. I could barely get the words out through my tears.

I shared a story about the time I was on a flight to see my dad…as it turned out, it was just hours before he passed.

On that flight, I received a powerful message from a fellow passenger…it was the kind of message that makes time stand still.

At some point during my five minutes on stage, the workshop leader asked what I did for a living. I shared that I lead Reiki and meditation workshops. And this resonated with a fellow attendee.

Among thousands of comments in the chat was a private message from Vanessa asking me about my Reiki and meditation workshops.

Thankfully, I allowed myself to be visible that day, or we would never have met.

And if Vanessa hadn’t followed her impulse to reach out, she wouldn’t have experienced so much subsequent transformation.

Excited to take the next step, Vanessa signed up for my next virtual Reiki workshop.

And in less than two years, she took my Primordial Sound Meditation workshop (I offer mantra instruction one-on-one) and the rest of the Reiki levels with me and enrolled in my ENERGI Reiki mentorship program.

Amazingly, we haven’t met in person yet. All the transformation has been through my virtual workshops on Zoom.

Vanessa experienced such a profound transformation as a result of my classes.

She wanted to spread the word, so she asked if she could introduce me to her network of dental speakers.


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