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What are you Orienting your Life Around and What’s Guiding You Forward? The Soul or the Ego?

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Charting our Course – Orienting to the Soul or Ego?

A student shared the words “CHOOSE FREEDOM” with me. These words rang true as a theme in my life and as a message to my soul. We can choose by default, by conditioning, by the past, by fear, by obligation, by limitation (all aspects of the ego) or we can choose with our SOUL and choose expansion, choose love, choose freedom, choose presence, choose the unknown, choose to explore and expand upon our callings. We can move forward despite our limiting stories and chart a new course (internally or externally) at any time.

I’m excited for what’s ahead. As I engage the new and the unfamiliar I feel vibrant and excited. And At times the ego steps in and I meet a sense of overwhelm.

I’m doing a great deal more writing. I’m developing content that perhaps will be part of an online course, or a book or two.

I’m excited to feel the resurgence of my energy of creation.

There are more demands on my time than when I lived in Denver. I’ll be learning the art of FOCUS and prioritization.

My orientation right now:

Open to the SOUL. I’m opening to a bigger more authentic vision and expression. It’s not my ego that wants to write ….it’s my ego that doesn’t want to. The ego feels safe in keeping things the same. My soul doesn’t buy it…and enjoys unexplored territory.

NOURISH the Body. I’m experiencing and exploring a richer more nurturing/nourishing relationship with food. Working with a highly intuitive nutritionist has helped. I’ve found myself awed by the deliciousness of life – the sumptuousness of grapefruit or strawberries or kale with avocado.

Make PEACE with the MOMENT! I’m recognizing where I argue with reality and asking myself if I can enjoy THIS MOMENT as it is. I’m with my Mom about 15-20 hours a week (caregiving and socializing – errands, appointments, shopping, cleaning, dining, paperwork). At times I feel overloaded and overwhelmed. When I LET GO of the story I feel so LUCKY to have this sacred time with my Mom. And I can see how this is STIRRING my creative impulse.

GROUND IN BEING. How can I reduce distraction and the consumption of information? I’m fascinated by the idea of uni-tasking and disconnecting from information consumption (Facebook, Twitter, email, news clips, etc.). I can see how this can deeply interfere with a meaningful and satisfying life. I’ll say more about this later.

HONOR THE SELF. Realize what is deeply satisfying. And one of those things for me is bringing forth and sharing my gifts. And to do so I realize with the new demands on my time I can’t socialize nearly as much. This means making fewer social plans, combining gatherings and silencing my phone at times.

STAY OPEN. I’m keeping my heart wide open. I’ve been open and have been hurt. I’m vulnerable and YES I could get hurt or disappointed and I say Thank God!

What are you orienting your life around right now?


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