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The Power of Reiki Practice

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Here’s a snapshot of what we talked about at a Experience Reiki event that I offered last week on Zoom… One thing that came up with the group was the power of practicing Reiki and how it’s through practicing Reiki that we build our confidence and trust in Reiki. Here’s a quick video of a […]

How I stopped comparing my meditations to others….

July 23, 2023 by  
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  I wrote about how the power of meditation and visualization and shared the story of how I met Joe Dispenza and how that led me to his multi-day meditation event. But, instead of feeling greater peace at the event, I was feeling let down. I was comparing my meditations to everyone around me, and […]

Messages from the other side…

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Can you believe this strange label? I spotted this label on a sweatshirt while shopping for some all-cotton pajamas for my mom…     It had been a year since my mom started receiving hospice care when her nurse told us, “She only has a few days left.” In her final days, I wanted to […]

The Power of Meditating with Visualization

July 5, 2023 by  
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  I believe the Universe sprinkles signs along our paths to help guide us to our most fulfilling next step or realization. This story goes back a while, but the takeaways were life-changing for me. I first came across Joe Dispenza (also known as “Dr. Joe”) in the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know? […]

Newsletter Articles & Mailing List

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Newsletter Blog/Articles Below, you’ll find a selection of newsletters and blog posts. To get all my updates and inspiring articles, scroll down to get added to my mailing list. Lisa Guyman Chopra Meditation Instructor Reiki Master/Teacher & Mentor Founder of ENERGI Reiki Mentorship Singing from the rooftops: living a life of purpose Are your Reiki […]

A long time meditator introducing my workshops (video)

June 4, 2023 by  
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I was interviewed about meditation by a national speaker, influencer, and consultant, Vanessa Emerson. Vanessa took both my Reiki I, II, Master and Teacher training and my Primordial Sound Meditation mantra meditation workshop. Because of the shifts she noticed in her life, she asked if she could interview me and introduce my work to her […]

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