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What is Awakened Mind Brainwave Training

What is Awakened Mind™ Brainwave Training?
Awakened Mind™ Brainwave Training combines the ancient art of meditation with the most advanced technologies in biofeedback training using EEG, SC (skin conductance), HRV (heart rate variability).

The Awakened Mind™ is a unique brainwave state that is represented by a distinct shift in brainwave patterns and the quality of experience.

This pattern has been well documented as early as the 1960s by Max Cade who discovered it while monitoring the brainwaves of experienced meditators and yogis with an EEG instrument called the Mind Mirror.  After the discovery of this brainwave pattern, Max Cade continued using the Mind Mirror for EEG research for biofeedback and meditation training with his students. With the assistance of Dr. Terry Lesh, they developed (The Lesh scale) a descriptive scale of subjective land marking of experiences that correlates to the brainwave shifts from ordinary waking state to a state that combines meditation with activity, known as the Awakened Mind™.

Brainwave Categories

Mind Mirror display of a common brainwave pattern

Awakened Mind Described?
The Awakened Mind™ is described by advanced meditation practitioners, business leaders and other top performers as a state of peak performance and peak spiritual awareness. It feels clearer, sharper, and more flexible.  Emotions are more available and easier to transform.  Information flows readily between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels; increasing deep relaxation, intuition, insight, creativity, healing…leading to increased energy, peace of mind, and greater meaning in life.