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About my Reiki and Meditation programs

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  What’s next for you on your path of Reiki and meditation?   Here, I talk about ways to work together wherever you are on your Reiki or meditation journey… Click here to get your FREE pass to my 7-day mini-course   Join me at an upcoming Reiki training, or get your personal meditation mantra. […]

Learn Mantra Meditation Today

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I’ve got an on-demand meditation program for you called Primordial Sound Meditation. My love for meditation began at the age of 16, so my teaching style for Reiki has always infused some elements of meditation – especially during Attunements and self-Reiki. Over the past 25 years, I’ve explored and experimented with all sorts of meditation […]

Reiki Training December 8-11, 2023 Live Online with Lisa Guyman, Reiki Master, Chopra Meditation Instructor

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Begin your Reiki journey or advance to your next level next month. Transform Your Life and the Lives of those around you with Reiki  While some of my students want to add Reiki as a modality to the work they already practice, others take Reiki to begin a career in the holistic healing arts – and […]

Reiki Training in Denver, Colorado February 2-5, 2024 with Lisa Guyman, Reiki Master & Chopra Meditation Instructor

Sign up for Reiki Classes – Reiki I/II, Reiki Masters, and/or Teachers level with Lisa Guyman in Denver, CO. February 2-5, 2024 – Denver Reiki Class- Register Now >> Register Now For 25 years, I have been offering Reiki training and classes nationwide, and now you can join me online. My Reiki classes are offered […]

Reiki Training in Birmingham Michigan March 22-25, 2024 and June 21-24, 2024 with Lisa Guyman, Reiki Master & Chopra Meditation Instructor

Reiki Classes in Birmingham, Michigan, October 6-9, 2023, with Lisa Guyman, Reiki Master & Chopra Meditation Instructor. Reiki I, Reiki II, Master and Teacher workshops and mentorship.

What are you going to choose?

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The choices we make in our everyday lives add up. They either take us into greater alignment or away from alignment. One of the five principles of Reiki is, “Today, I will live with diligence.” This can also be thought of as living in alignment, living with integrity.  To live with greater diligence requires paying […]

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