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Waking up the Creative Process in your Life by Lisa Guyman

July 10, 2019 by  
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Waking up the Creative Process in your Life We are inherently creative and playful. As children we painted, drew, slayed dragons, created imaginary worlds, made magic potions and believed reindeer could fly and that we could, too. Wayne Dyer shared a cute story in one of his talks. When he told his 6-year old daughter […]

Synchronicities and the Beautiful Interconnectedness of Life by Lisa Guyman

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  Synchronicities show us the amazing and beautiful interconnectedness of life!   Yesterday, I popped into a coffee shop to edit a draft about synchronicity with stories from the past, and much to my surprise the synchronicities of the day took centerstage and caused me to rewrite the article.     I’m in the midst […]

How to Feel Good

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Shifting your emotional state by Lisa Guyman We don’t believe we can have what we really want. This makes us feel powerless and that puts us at the bottom rung of emotion. We think about what we don’t want to have happen i.e. we worry. For example, “I don’t want to: work so hard, be […]

Getting Back to Grace from a State of Hurriedness and Contraction

December 18, 2018 by  
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Update: Healing from my Summer Break The healing of my formerly broken foot is going well and has given me some laughs along the way. I’m now free of a knee-roller, rollator, walker and my non-candy cane. All of which I used along the way. In case you missed my prior newletter, I broke my […]

Stepping into the Now & Nourishing Possibility

March 6, 2018 by  
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Stepping into the New & Nourishing Possibility – The Inner Land of Enchantment Newsletter by Lisa Guyman It’s been a while since I’ve written to you. I hope this finds you well! I’ve been on a sabbatical of sorts and while I’ve been “away” I’ve been teaching Reiki and Meditation classes, learning, traveling, re-assimilating to […]

Choice Points

February 19, 2018 by  
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How to Move out of the Habitual & Begin Focusing More Energy on What Matters   I’m spending a great deal of time at my Moms these days (see my update on her below). And while at her place, one of the programs we watched is Shark Tank. In this TV show enterprising individuals present […]

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