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Reiki – IARP Code of Ethics

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International Association of Reiki Professionals – IARP Code of Ethics This code of ethics is reprinted from  Become a member of the IARP Reiki Association and save $10 on your membership with Lisa Guyman’s referral promotional code – LG562. The Registered Reiki Practitioner (RP) / Registered Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher (RMT) agrees to: 1. […]

Are your Reiki hands in your pockets?

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I’ve had some songs on repeat… A couple weeks ago while watching American Idol …I thought to myself “this season is really good.” I love seeing people pursuing their passions and I love music… I noticed, however, there was ONE key difference between the performances that I loved the most, and the ones I didn’t […]

Spring Poem ~ Lisa Guyman

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Got Questions about Learning Reiki? Contact Lisa

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Have you been considering taking your first Reiki levels of Reiki (or the next Reiki levels) on your path of spiritual awakening, and you want to know more? Feel free to call or email Lisa with any questions you have! Click here for additional contact information.  

Join me for my Lightworkers Ignite™ Guided Meditation, September 14, 2021

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Lightworkers Ignite™ Our injured world is calling out for love and healing right now. It’s our opportunity, our time, to answer that call. As a peaceful, loving and caring citizen of planet earth, I am deeply saddened and disturbed by continued racism in the world, including the most recent horrific murder of a fellow human […]

Upcoming Reiki Classes

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You can take Reiki I/ II or immerse yourself in the entire Reiki experience by taking all levels or continue your Reiki training with the Masters and Teachers levels.

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