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Online Reiki Classes: What it’s Like & How We Practice Virtually

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Reiki promotes greater calm, peace, well-being, deepened intuition and clarity on the path ahead. Reiki opens doors to new lines of work, meaningful contribution and to “being the light” in the world. While some student of my students want to add Reiki as a modality to the work they already practice others take Reiki to […]

What students are saying…

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Here’s what students have to say about their experience of learning Reiki online with me in 2021:   Right place at exactly the right time. A series of synchronicities brought me to sign up for Lisa’s exceptional Reiki classes. As soon as the online class started, I knew I was in the right place at exactly […]

Reiki FAQ

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What is Reiki and how was it discovered? “Rei” means universal” or spiritually guided and “Ki” is life force energy. Reiki is utilized in many spas, wellness centers, hospitals and health-care centers. Reiki was discovered in 1922 by a Japanese man by the name of Mikao Usui. His quest to discover how people could perform hands-on […]

Reiki – IARP Code of Ethics

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International Association of Reiki Professionals – IARP Code of Ethics This code of ethics is reprinted from www.IARPReiki.com.  Become a member of the IARP Reiki Association and save $10 on your membership with Lisa Guyman’s referral promotional code – LG562. The Registered Reiki Practitioner (RP) / Registered Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher (RMT) agrees to: 1. […]

About Lisa Guyman’s Journey with Reiki

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I was asked by the Global Reiki Network to write up a bio about my journey with Reiki…so here goes: I’ve been teaching and practicing Reiki for over 22 years.  I’ve taught over 1500 students and I continue to be amazed at the transformative power of Reiki.  It’s a sacred healing art. I feel blessed […]

Upcoming Reiki Classes

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You can take Reiki I/ II or immerse yourself in the entire Reiki experience by taking all levels or continue your Reiki training with the Masters and Teachers levels.

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