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Sacred Healing Book

Sacred Healing:  A Guide To Getting It.  Contributions by ten authors including Lisa Guyman.

Lisa’s chapter “Journey into Meditation: A Roadmap to Inner Healing and Wholeness

Take a journey with Lisa into the world of meditation and receive new insight and new knowledge about what meditation is and isn’t.  Anyone can learn to meditate, but it is important to clear misconceptions first, otherwise you may take a meditation course and become  discouraged (stopping before you even start).  You see in meditation, thoughts are O.K. they are part of the process.  And many meditations will feel ‘ordinary,’ but if you continue the practice you will reap many benefits.  Learn about the tremendous benefits of meditation as I take you with me on my personal journey of meditation.

Table of Contents for Sacred Healing:

  1. The Flow of Life: Fearing Less and Loving More by Marilyn Schwader
  2. Loving Ourselves, Living Our Lives, Healing the World by Laura Biering
  3. State of Mind/Body Answers by Pam Hillinger
  4. The Healing Power of Solitude by Alexis McKenna
  5. Journey into Meditation: A Roadmap to Inner Healing and Wholeness by Lisa Guyman – Read for Free*
  6. Leading with Your Heart by Kathleen Thompson
  7. Laugh Two Times and Call Me in the Morning: Using Humor for Balance and Healing by Rick Garrison
  8. Healing Through Sound by Lynn Bieber
  9. How Music Soothed My Soul, Kept Me Whole and Forever Preserved the Joy in My Heart by Lisa C. Morgan
  10. A Guide’s “Tail” by Beith Kopitzke
  11. A Journey to Trust the Universe by Lisa Matzke

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