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Journey into Meditation II: Questions for Journaling and Reflection

Journey into Meditation: Brainwave Training for Awakening the Mind

 Journey into Meditation:  Guided Meditations  for Relaxation, Insight and Renewal ~ Brainwave Training for Awakening the Mind

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Take an Inner Vacation with these Guided Journeys!  After your journeys in the Healing Waters Meditation and the Dreams Frontier Meditation select one or two questions to journal about.  It may just be a phrase, a word or a drawing that captures the essence of your experience!  This will deepen your experience and allow you to integrate the benefits of your guided meditation practice into your life.

The Healing Waters Meditation Questions:

Here are a few questions that you can use for journaling and reflection after listening to the Healing Waters Meditation:

  • At what part of the meditation did you feel most relaxed?  And what do you remember about it?
  • What changes, if any, did you make to your tropical island environment?
  • What was it like to discover the waterfall?
  • If you received an insight or a message at the waterfall, what was it?
  • What did it feel like to let go, and rest in the Healing Waters?
  • Were you able to sense subtle energy within your body? If so, are you able to sense the subtle energy flowing within your body now?
  • If you wandered off into your own imagination, where did you go?
  • What did you experience that was significant for you?
  • Did you discover any new possibilities?

Dream Frontiers Meditation Questions:

Here are a few questions for the Dream Frontiers meditation:

  • What was your perfect meditation space like? What did you notice there? What did it feel like?
  • What was your experience when guided to open to that part of you that is connected to Source Energy?
  • Did you receive a message? If so, what was it? In what form was it received? Noticing your intuitive style, do you tend to get images, words, or sensations?
  • Does the sacred meditation space itself reveal something to you? What do you see there? Feel there? Notice there?
  • Did you receive an insight about your past, present or future?
  • Did you receive clarity on your next step? If you did what was it?
  • What was your experience at the bonfire?
  • If you received a gift what was its meaning?
  • How did it feel to rest in the feeling of possibility? Or how did it feel to explore possibility?
  • What did you experience that was significant for you?
  • What were you grateful for?
  • Did you discover any new possibilities?

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Reviews of Journey into Meditation:  Guided Meditations for Relaxation, Insight and Renewal CD

Journey into Meditation: Brainwave Training for Awakening the Mind              

Great CD – Highly Recommend it! CB (CO)

These meditations are profoundly relaxing as is the music!  I have experienced dozens of guided meditations in many different formats, some that were really good and some that I only listened to once. These meditations quickly became one of my favorites. Although on most days I sit in silence for meditation – at times I really like be lead into meditation.

This is a unique ensemble that gives pertinent information and useful guidance about journaling and reflection. This is not only a comprehensive introduction for someone new to meditation but presents an opportunity for anyone already established in a routine of meditation to enhance their ongoing experience with a guided meditation practice.

 Amazing Meditation CD – Dolphin girl (CA)

I am a yoga teacher in San Diego & I highly recommend this CD. It allows for a journey into beautiful meditations and deep relaxation. The meditations create a visual landscape in the imagination that left me feeling inspired, relaxed and connected. James voice is soothing and calm, easily creating the intended effect of meditation. His meditation created a feeling of sweetness, a drawing inward to boundless repose and letting go. At the end, I was left with a gentle smile on my face. Lisa’s meditation created wonderful visual imagery and creative expansion. I’ve found that the inspirational words from these meditations have stayed with me for days after listening to the meditations.

The extra tracks on the CD explaining brainwaves, the benefits of relaxation and meditation were educational and an added bonus that help prepare me for what I was going to experience during the meditations. I also liked having suggested questions provided for introspection and contemplation.

Very Relaxing…..Love this Meditation CD! (CO)

I downloaded this meditation CD several weeks ago … and am ordering a couple more to give away as gifts! So glad I happened upon this CD. Very relaxing and incredibly soothing meditations…felt so calm and refreshed after listening! Their voices are both very soothing. It’s really of the best guided meditation CDs I’ve listened too. I highly recommend it!

Amazing Meditation CD. Heather (CO)

This meditation is amazing. Each time I have listened to Healing Waters and Dream Frontiers I have had a different experience. It is part of my daily practice now. Also incredible for sleep. My 17 year old has insomnia and it knocks him right out. Enjoy!

Journey into Meditation Excellence.  Dr. J (CO)

This Meditation CD deserves and receives 5 stars. Clearly, James Ripley and Lisa Guyman are professionals. They have given me one of the best meditation CDs I’ve ever encountered. As they tell me, these Meditations bring “Relaxation, Insight and Renewal.”
For those of you who are new to meditations, the introductory tracks help better understand some nuances of meditation. From this background you will better be able to understand why and how these two achieve such excellence. Then, listening to the two meditations themselves, you will experience Renewal and Insight.

A friend of mine was challenged with a partner who was most upset and agitated. Together they listened to Lisa Guyman’s meditation, and when they finished, all was well. There was healing and peace.

While I’m not a “beach kind of guy” James Ripley’s meditation brought me to a place of serenity and peace, something I have sought.  My recommendation to you is to get this CD for your own collection, and receive the guidance from these two most gentle and kind professionals.

 Fabulous Meditations – Feel Transported to a New Place – Kay (MI)

I’ve been listening to this CD for a couple months – these meditations are wonderfully relaxing and perfectly paced. Setting an intention at the beginning of the meditations is a profound part of the practice for me. It helps me get clear on what matters and what I most need. Some days while listening I’ll experience vivid visualization, heightened senses and clarity and other days I go deeply into relaxation or fall asleep. I’ve also found that anytime I want to…..I can just imagine one of the places in the meditation in my mind’s eye and it instantly brings me a sense of greater calm.

Relaxing – Emily B (WI)

This cd will help your anxiety. The two guided mediations with great background sounds are very soothing. I hope to listen to this CD every day.

Very Relaxing and Soothing Guided Meditations – Sarah  (iTunes)

I was looking for a CD that would take the edge off and help me relax and feel calm and this works!  Great when I’m under stress or to aid me sleep better.  Their voices are soothing and the music is too!  I rarely write reviews but this is an amazing meditation CD and I highly recommend it.

Excellent Stress Relieving Meditations– Joe (iTunes)

I purchased this CD for my wife for stress relief to help her unwind before she goes to bed.  I was surprised by the insightful practical tips contained in the intro tracks and the common sense approach to getting into the meditation state easily and quickly.  It relieved some very basic misconceptions that I had.  I am not a big fan of guided meditations but this CD is super relaxing for some reason.  My wife falls asleep to it every night….sometimes blissed out.  For that reason alone, we both love it.


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