Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT denver, Emotional Freedom Technique denver, EFT, tapping denver, EFT session denverEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT)  is a very effective technique for releasing obstacles and creating positive changes in your life.

EFT also referred to as ” tapping” seems to reset and re-wire the nervous system allowing a postive shift or change to easily take place.   Emotional Freedom Technique works with principles from Chinese Medicine and activates chi in various meridan energy points through a tapping and affirmation process.

What is an EFT session with me like?

We’ll start out by becoming acquainted.  I will have you fill out an intake form and then we will discuss what your goal is for the session i.e. what you want to release (stress, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, physical symptoms, a phobia, a pattern, etc.) and what you would like to experience instead.

After this conversation we’ll come up with key words and concepts that describe the emotion or pattern you want to shift and key words that describe what you want to create.

Then I’ll say that statement or phrase out loud and then you’ll get to repeat it after me while tapping on given energy release points.

I’ll continue repeating variations of your statement and you’ll repeat after me as you tap on various energy meridian points on your body (side of hand, top of head, eyebrow, temple under eye, under nose, chin, collar bone, rib cage and top of hand), etc.

Simply stated, EFT is thought of as an emotional version of acupuncture except in EFT we tap with our fingertips instead of using needles.

Emotional Freedom Technique can support positive change for so many things including fears (flying, social situations, claustrophobia), emotions (self-doubt, anxiety, anger, sadness, grief and more) and thought patterns (limiting beliefs).  Emotional Freedom Technique can be included in a guided Reiki session.

After just one session you’ll know enough to be able to utilitze EFT at home.

Like Reiki treatments, EFT is wonderfully relaxing and often creates a profound shift.


  • Emotional Freedom Technique Session – $150.  Sessions last from 55-65 minutes.

Presently I am not offering EFT Treatments.  Please visit www.standinginyourpower.com or www.eftdenver.com.  You can learn more about EFT by visiting http://EFTUniverse.com Gary Craig the founder of EFT from emofree.com has retired and has forwarded some of his key materials to Dawson Church’s website – EFTUniverse.com.

Also, http://tapping.com is a great website on the power of EFT tapping.