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Primordial Sound Meditation Workshop – Birmingham, Michigan

Primordial Sound Meditation Workshop

June 13-14, 2020

Virtual Training

with Lisa Guyman 

*This may be the last Primordial Sound Meditation

class offered in Michigan by Lisa Guyman due to move out west.

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Immerse yourself in the experience of meditation with this weekend workshop. Experience how easy Primordial Sound Meditation is to learn and practice and how profoundly relaxing and life-changing it is in an informative, experiential and comprehensive workshop.

Primordial Sound Meditation is a silent mantra-based technique systematized  by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon. The mantra is a specific sound which, when repeated silently, helps you enter a deeply restorative meditative state. Your mantra calculated specifically for you according to your time and place of birth is given to  you in a one-on-one appointment with Lisa Guyman, Certified Chopra Center Instructor.

Benefits of  Meditation

Q & A on Meditation

Testimonials from Lisa’s Students


Lisa Guyman

About your Teacher, Lisa Guyman
Lisa Guyman is a certified Primordial Sound Instructor and first learned Transcendental Meditation at the  age of 16 and attended the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa where everyone practiced Transcendental Meditation. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher. and has taught meditation for 15 years and Reiki for 21 years.

Learn the difference between Transcendental Meditation and Primordial Sound Meditation. And read Lisa’s chapter on meditation.


The Benefits of Learning Primordial Sound Meditation

Taking a Primordial Sound Meditation workshop is truly one of the best decisions you could make in your life!

Learn to enter a state of restful awareness, a deep state of restoration for your mind and body.

Meditation reduces stress and and has been shown to instill greater calm, clarity, creativity, well-being, satisfaction, and a deeper sense of fulfillment, heightened intuition, better relationships, and increased synchronicity.

What you’ll Learn in this Class

  • You’ll learn to easily and successfully meditate.
  • The tremendous value and the many, many benefits of meditation
  • Learn the four correct experiences of meditation.
  • The mechanics of stress release and how meditation helps reverse aging
  • The origin of Primordial Sound Meditation and how your mantra is selected
  • The practical aspects of meditation (when, where and how you meditate)
  • How to prioritize meditation and the best times and places to practice
  • A thorough understanding of the variety of experiences in meditation
  • A vision of higher states of consciousness that unfold with regular meditation
  • An exclusive video on higher states of consciousness.
  • A clearing of the myths and misconceptions around meditation (i.e. that it is hard and requires that you empty your mind of thoughts).

What Makes this Course So Powerful

  • You receive one-on-one personal meditation instruction with Lisa Guyman. At this time, you will be given your personal mantra, calculated by The Chopra Center and experience the ease of meditation.
  • You’ll receive Lisa’s introductory welcome videos prior to the course. And here she’ll detail what to expect in the course and your one-on-one mantra meditation instruction.
  • Lisa’s extensive background in meditation and unique, impactful, yet calm way of facilitating workshops.
  • You’ll learn about higher states of consciousness with Deepak Chopra.  An exclusive video to Primordial Sound Meditation students.
  • You’ll meditate on Friday at the time of your personal instruction and in the class on Saturday and Sunday.
  • After class you’ll receive a Primordial Sound Meditation audio to support your practice.
  • The Chopra Center’s Handbook for New Meditators.
  • You’ll learn how to integrate meditation into your life.

November 22-24th – Workshop Schedule

*This may be the last chance to learn Primordial Sound Meditation with Lisa Guyman in Michigan due to her living in Colora

Friday (One-on-One) Appointment

  • Friday, November 22nd. You’ll have a 20-minute one-on-one mantra instruction appointment with Lisa Guyman. Appointments available between 9;30am-7:30pm. Register early to get the the appointment time you want. After your personal mantra instruction allow an additional 20 minutes for your meditation practice. On-the-phone from the comfort of your home.

Saturday & Sunday Workshop

  • Saturday, November 23 from 2:00pm to 6:00pm &
  • Sunday, November 24 from 2:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Held at the Birmingham Unitarian Church on Woodward in Bloomfield Hills.

Registration & Payment


  • Primordial Sound Meditation Course Fee $447. Register Below!

  • Learn to Meditate with a Friend: When you register and a friend subsequently registers you both receive a $50.00 discount on the course fee.


Reserve my Space & Pay in Full – Primordial Sound Meditation Workshop:

To Register & Pay Deposit Onlyclick here.

To Register & Full Course Tuition - Register Below: $375.

If you wish to only pay the deposit of $200 click here. The balance of $225 would then be due a week before the course. To register by phone call (720) 683-0444 or email

Registration/cancellation/refund policy.

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Learn a practice you can do anytime and anywhere for the rest of your life! This will make a big impact in how you experience life and what you create for your future!

Reserve your space online or by calling (720) 683-0444  to register by phone.


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Q & A on Meditation

Benefits of  Meditation

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Private Meditation Instruction

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To Read Testimonials – Click Here

“If you were to ask me what was the most  important experience of my life, I would say  it was learning to meditate. For me, that is the most important thing a person can do to restore harmony and evolve to a higher state of consciousness.”  — Deepak Chopra, M.D.

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“Meditation takes you beyond the mind’s noisy chatter into the pure awareness that is the source. of all your happiness, inspiration, and love.” ~ Deepak Chopra.


Lisa Guyman Meditation Class

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