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Lightworkers Ignite Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations for Personal Well-Being, Peace and World Healing

Join me for Lightworkers Ignite™

Tuesday, November 30, 2021
8:30 Eastern Time

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About the Lightworkers Ignite™ Guided Meditations:

This is your sacred space. At Lightworkers Ignite Lisa Guyman guides a meditation for healing and peace. I say a few opening words and then guide a meditation. Within this meditation you are given several minutes of soulful silence to practice in your own unique way (via remote Reiki, loving-kindness prayer, or you can simply be).

Lightworkers Ignite meets at 5:30pm PT/ 6:30pm MT/ 7:30pm CT/ 8:30pm ET.

We spend about 35-50 minutes together at Lightworkers Ignite.

Who is a Lightworker?

Anyone who cares for the well-being of all humanity and seeks to make the world and the earth a better place for everyone. A lightworker is someone that also values personal and spiritual growth and well-being and recognizes that self-care needs to also be prioritized. A Lightworker’s tools may include meditation, prayer, Reiki, intentional living, or loving-kindness practices. A Lightworker may be a healer, a person of service, and/or one who chooses to live mindfully with care and love for others.

What impact will Lightworkers Ignite have?

Every time we sit to meditate, pray or go within to a place of stillness, we help bring humanity and the planet forward and up. As we practice together you are welcome to use this time to send Reiki and healing energy to bridge divides, heal emotional wounds and elevate consciousness.

What to expect on our Lightworkers Ignite virtual Zoom call?

At Lightworkers Ignite I’ll be guiding you in meditation for healing, empathy and peace and creating greater coherence here on earth. There will also be a period of sacred silence, a time for you to utilize your own spiritual practice, or to just be.

Attendees Remarks:

Thank you. That last meditation changed my life!

Our collective energy is healing the world!

So uplifting . . .It felt good to “do something” for the good

Miracles occur that one can never imagine through these calls.

That was so beautiful! Amazing energy!

Are you going to do this again?

That was awesome – I felt so connected!

The meditation was perfect for me!

It made me feel very relaxed and at peace. I look forward to the one next month.

I was so very moved by your meditation tonight. It was incredibly deep and so very healing.

I just allowed myself to follow your voice. The deepness that followed was so intense.
Thank you for tonight’s meditation—I was out in a good place and I felt so much peace and extra love!


Lisa Guyman, Reiki Master & Chopra Meditation Instructor in Lightworkers Ignite guides you into a  meditation to create greater coherence, understanding, empathy and peace and activate healing.


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Never attended Lightworkers?  Join me Tuesday, November 30th! 


I hope you can join us in igniting the light and bring healing to the world!

Join me for Lightworkers Ignite!



How this started. . . .

A friend of mine, Robin, called me on June 3, 2020 and said “you have to lead a meditation NOW for world healing.” This was right at the time of George Floyd’s murder. I responded by saying “there are so many people with big names, like Deepak Chopra, leading meditations and promoting peace already.” And she said “yeah and I think YOU need to as well, now.” She basically wouldn’t let me off the hook. I’m glad she didn’t. And with her help I launched the first meeting.

And I got lots of positive feedback. I’m glad to hear so many of you got so much out of the meeting!

With all the uncertainty, the need for systemic remedies for racism, the ongoing coronavirus impact, political strife, and the desperate need for the rising of collective consciousness Lightworkers Ignite has continued to evolve!

How Lightworkers is evolving . . . .

Beginning in January 2022, Lightworkers Ignite will be a paid monthly event. You’ll have the opportunity to join on a whim for any of the events in 2022 or to get the special annual package rate. More details coming soon!

Also, NEW in 2020 will be replays. This way if you miss the live event you can replay it.


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“Love is the strongest force the world possesses.” Gandhi




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