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Primordial Sound Meditation Workshop

Experience how simple Primordial Sound Meditation is to learn and practice and how profoundly restorative and illuminating it is   . . . in an informative, dynamic, experiential and comprehensive weekend workshop.

Primordial Sound Meditation is a silent mantra-based technique founded and certified by Deepak Chopra and The Chopra Center. Your mantra is a specific sound which, when repeated silently, helps you enter a deeply restorative meditative state of profound rest. Your mantra calculated specifically for you according to your time and place of birth and given to in a sacred one-on-one initiation with your teacher.

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Primordial Sound Meditation

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with Lisa Guyman in Colorado or Michigan.


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Invest in yourself and in your future. This will be the best money you’ve invested in a long time giving you a practice you can do for the rest of your life. And something that makes a difference in your quality of life and well-being!

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Q & A on Meditation

Benefits of  Meditation

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“If you were to ask me what was the most  important experience of my life, I would say  it was learning to meditate. For me, that is the most important thing a person can do to restore harmony and evolve to a higher state of consciousness.”  — Deepak Chopra, M.D.

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“Meditation takes you beyond the mind’s noisy chatter into the pure awareness that is the source. of all your happiness, inspiration, and love.” ~ Deepak Chopra.


Lisa Guyman Meditation Class

Lisa’s Meditation Class @ the Wanderlust Yoga Festival

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