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Journey into Meditation: Guided Meditations for Healing, Insight & Manifestation CD

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Practice chakra clearing, manifesting and receiving insight with 20-minute guided meditations: Mystic Waterfall, Inner Wisdom and Life Visualization.


Listen to my entire Mystic Waterfall: Healing Guided Meditation for the chakras FREE!



New Age Music Review: This reviewer simply cannot praise Lisa Guyman’s “Journey into Meditation“ CD enough. It just might be the best guided meditation album released, but don’t take my word for it; it has had a top ranking on Amazon’s bestseller list for over 2288 days straight – number 1 as of writing – and in the process beating even Enya’s (and Halpern’s) most recent albums! – – BT Fasmer – New Age Music – Full Review


The Journey into Meditation CD that we promote is one of the best guided meditations we have found for healing. Dr. Liz Cruz


In Journey into Meditation, Lisa Guyman’s soothing voice guides you into meditation while Rob Wallace’s gentle meditation music creates the perfect backdrop – taking you deeply into meditation.


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Meditation recommended by Martha Stewart's Body + Soul magazine

Journey into Meditation CD by Lisa Guyman, Certified Chopra Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master, author, as featured in Body +Soul magazine and Massage & Bodywork magazine and New Age Music.

Three different journeys, each lasting a very manageable 20 minutes.


1. Mystic Waterfall: Chakra Healing Meditation

In the Mystic Waterfall meditation cleanse your chakras in this healing waterfall while consciously letting go of patterns that no longer serve you. By doing chakra healing your will bring more harmony and balance into your life. Cleanse your mind and body of stress and relax deeply. Running time: 20:23.


2. Inner Wisdom: Meditation for Receiving Insight

In the Inner Wisdom guided meditation connect more fully with your intuitive self. Receive valuable guidance on many key aspects of your life, from your life purpose to work and love.  Be guided into a sacred space to access your intuition and gain clarity and a sense of peace. Running time: 18:22.


3. Life Visualization: Meditation for Manifesting 

In this Life Visualization guided meditation, you will envision yourself manifesting your goals and dreams. When we create a virtual reality of what we desire complete with emotions, pictures and energy we attract it faster. With this meditation we activate the law of attraction as discussed in The Secret. Running time: 20:27.



Reviews from Amazon:

5starBegin your healing journey with Lisa! (a must-have item). I have been listening to this cd daily, and never tire of it. Lisa’s soothing, gentle voice and amazing imagery take you on a healing journey each time you listen. You will find it easy to release “old baggage,” receive guidance, and welcome in the positive forces for personal growth and fulfillment. Try it and be amazed! -Marci (Michigan)

5starAmazing experience. Lisa’s Meditation classes and CDs are an amazing experience. Her sweet voice guides you to a deeper place within and assures you that you are one with your true self.Allowing you the time to savour the moment and experience true happiness, she leaves us with a joyful and grateful feeling. Even if you can’t attend her classes in Denver CO, the CD is a way of ‘taking Lisa home with you. -Debbie Johnston (Joanopolis, Brazil)

5starAbout to Give Up – And then I found these Meditations and it’s part of my nightly routine. I was introduced to meditation about three years ago as a way to help relieve stress and improve my sleep quality. After trying several different meditations I was about to give up because I just couldn’t find the right one to help me truly relax and let go. One day I stumbled across the ‘Journey to Meditation’ audio by Lisa Guyman and instantly feel in love with it. Her voice is soothing and the meditation itself has provided the exact results I was hoping for. Because I have made this a part of my nightly routine, I sleep better, have more clarity, and feel a deeper connection within myself. If you want a great meditation CD I highly recommend anything by Lisa Guyman.”  -Leanna Glenn-Clark

5starA Wonderful Treasure. This is a fabulous way to calm, soothe and center yourself for the tasks ahead. Whether you listen daily, or you use as needed, you will feel able to face the day ahead. In these turmultuous times, we need these tools more than ever. Lisa Guyman’s voice and gentle direction will lead you to where you need to go in order to face your day. I cannot recommend this meditation CD any higher, but if I could, it would get a “10”. If you are anxious and worried, uncertain or fearful in this world, this CD will help you keep your feet on the ground and moving forward. All three meditations are wonderful, but my favorite is the cleansing waterfalls….try it, you’ll see! -Lori A Scena (NY)

5starA giver of true value of healing and insight. I have always been skeptical of guided image CDs, until I listened to this one. Lisa has a wonderfully soothing voice combine with peacful and relaxing sounds and music. She gently guides you to a wonderful place of healing and renewal. In only a couple of days of listening to Lisa’s guidence, I found myself more relaxed and centered then ever before. To listen to her is a powerful and transforming experience. -D. Bennett (Denver).

5starGreat! Great relaxing voice, soothing background sounds -itunes. – Mike in Hudson

5starPowerful – Deep – Soothing- Healing. This meditation CD is very healing! Lisa has a wonderfully soothing voice that takes me deep within each meditation journey. The music that accompanies her voice is awesome as well! -itunes. -Carol
downloadonitunes  Amazon  
5star “It’s the best, I put your CD on and all stress leaves my body. I’m ordering 2 more as gifts.” -Real Estate Agent
5star Lisa Guyman leads great guided meditation audios, whether for beginners or for those much further along the enlightenment path.
5starBest Guided Meditation I Can Find. I have bought and tried several different guided meditations recently. This is by far my favorite. I love the life visualization manifesting meditation. I always have a more productive day at work when I listened to this the night before. Very enjoyable! -M. Milby
5starJust what I was looking for! I have been searching for really good guided meditations and have not found the right one …. until now. This album is great! It has 3 really excellent meditations… with purpose. Lisa’s voice is calming – she guides you yet offers silence to input your own dreams, goals, and questions. The whole album is relaxing and so enjoyable. They are perfect for the beginner and experienced. -Rhonda R., Florida, USA
5starA real positive change in my life. Journey into Meditation helped me tremendously to create a positive change in my life, after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2007. I had never done meditation before, and Lisa’s CD guided me to a wonderful spiritual realm which greatly improved my mental, physical and emotional health. The meditations helped me through cancer treatments and I am now a 1 year+ survivor, and I still listen to Lisa’s CDs several times a week or whenever i need a boost or release from stress. I highly recommend it! -Didi Gardner, St. Louis, MO
5star“It’s made a real difference in my life; I listen to it almost everyday. I particularly love the chakra clearing meditation”
5star“I take it with me on business travels; it helps to shift me from stress and anxiety to a quiet place within.” -Art Gallery Owner
5star“I can’t wait to get home and listen to the meditation again.” -6 yr. old boy
5star“I take your CD with me when I fly. Once I am seated on the plane I play your CD and it helps to relax me during take off and makes flying so much easier.” -Teacher

New Age Music Magazine Review

“It must be said that Lisa Guyman is a world class meditation instructor – and her soothing voice has an angelic quality that will help even the most stressed-out mind relax. I recommend part 1 for general relaxation, part 2 when you need to focus on feelings and relations, and part 3 to locate energy and creativity inside you. I did say that Journey into Meditation was a true find, didn’t I? – – – BT Fasmer – New Age Music.

Journey Into Meditation: Guided Meditations for Healing, Insight & Manifestation by Lisa Guyman

Three guided meditations. Chakra clearing, manifesting and receiving insight. Each last a very manageable 20 minutes. Total running time 59:12. 

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