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Austin Reiki Classes

Join Lisa Guyman at a Transformative Reiki Workshop March 3-6, 2023 in Austin, Texas.

Take Reiki I and II or take the Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher Training too.

Learn about Lisa Guyman’s March 3-6th Reiki Training weekend


Transform Your Life and the Lives of Those Around You with Reiki


Reiki Workshops in Austin Texas – Location Information

  • March 3-6, 2023 – Reiki I/II, Reiki Master & Reiki Teacher’s at: SOL Healing; 13805 Ann Place; Austin, TX 78728 


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Learn about the curriculum and get a description of what’s covered in Reiki I, II, Masters & Teachers – click here.

Transform your Life. Take a Reiki Training with Lisa Guyman, Reiki Master & Chopra Meditation Instructor with 20 + years of experience leading Reiki and meditation workshops and practicing Reiki.

This is the last opportunity to learn Reiki with Lisa in Austin, Texas!

Lisa has taught in Austin for over 5 years and after the March 2023 workshop she will only be teaching in Denver and Detroit and online and running her online Reiki mentorship program.

For an overview of Reiki classes with Lisa Guyman including all locations, dates and what makes her workshops so rewarding – click here.


Lisa’s Reiki training classes sell out!

Register early!

Invest a weekend in something meaningful and with an experienced and dedicated Teacher. 



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Reiki Class Testimonials


Reiki Class in Austin, Texas with Lisa Guyman

Reiki Classes in Austin, Texas with Lisa Guyman – Reiki I, II, and Reiki Master Classes


Reiki Workshop with Lisa Guyman
Reiki Classes with Lisa Guyman – Denver, Colorado



Austin Reiki Class @ Our Lunch Place


Testimonial from Reiki Class Training in Austin, Texas:   I’ve referred multiple friends to take your Reiki certification. I hope you continue to come back to Austin, Texas because I’ll continue to tell my friends about your Reiki workshops! Tracy, Austin, Texas 2018.

Testimonial:  My experience over the 4 day workshop with Lisa was awesome!  It was quite intense, yet, profoundly healing and informative.  Lisa’s meditations before the attunements were incredible. Lisa’s supportive and accepting demeanor in class was so appreciated.  Lisa made it very comfortable to share information and ask questions.  I have taken Reiki I and II 4 times and this was the most rewarding Reiki workshop I have had the honor to attend.  Thank you so much, Lisa!    (Linda – Ann Arbor, Michigan).    August 2014.

Testimonial:  I cannot even begin to express the transformation that occurred in the weekend workshop with Lisa.  I felt a sense of community and a sense of total self acceptance.  It felt like years passed in the workshop and I was transformed.  I feel amazing and I can not thank Lisa enough.  (Amelia, Denver, Colorado).  November 2014.


Getting All the Details:  When you register you will receive an email with all the workshop logistics (times, location, special directions, how to prepare, what to bring, and what to expect).   Looking forward to meeting in the space of transformation and possibility. Know that a powerful shift begins at the moment you register.

The Austin Reiki Classes are held at Reiki Classes held at Sol Healing and Wellness Center. A peaceful and quiet location in north Austin. 

Lisa Guyman has taught several Reiki Training’s in Austin. Students have driven and flown in from all over Texas including Houston, San Antonio, Midland, McAllen, Loredo and so on!


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“How does one leave a review when they’ve had a life changing experience? Because of Lisa, I’ve calmed my mind, strengthened my spirit and enriched my soul with the beautiful energy that exists all around us. Lisa is a walking symbol of love, peace, calm and acceptance. She helped me trust my intuition, and learn about the way I felt and thought, which helped me make changes and to become a better version of myself. How do you thank someone for opening channels within your mind, body and spirit so you can realize the gravity of being humble? I embraced this experience with an open mind and open heart. Now I’m ready to help others and offer myself as a channel to bring peace, love and light to others. Thank you Lisa…. you’ll be engrained in my heart for the rest of my life.” –Ruth


My life has done a 360 and I have never had this sense of self the way I do now. I have had many changes in my life since I started the healing/healers journey. I recently went through a divorce (after a 23 year marriage) and it was my class with you that started the journey to healing and living my best life. Thank you for that. I have met the most amazing man and family that love me. They are investing in me as a healer and supporting me in every way possible. I am continuing to teach Reiki but I took a big break to heal. Thank you, because of your class I started truly understanding myself and my gifts as well… with my journey back to the myself. — Edina


“Thank you for an amazing Reiki Training weekend. Truly life-changing. I definitely experienced a deep emotional shift that my patrons with advanced dementia noticed immediately! I had a major energy shift and they could definitely tell I was truly open, calm, happy person and it makes them feel safe. I am very excited to see where this may lead.” — Marie