Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Reiki Mentorship with Lisa Guyman




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The doors to ENERGI are re-opening mid-month of February 2023. 

If you’ve already completed Reiki I/II with Lisa or with another Reiki instructor

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About Lisa Guyman, Reiki Mentor & Chopra Meditation Instructor


Hi! I’m Lisa Guyman, I’ve been leading Reiki and meditation workshops for over 20 years and have taught 1000’s of students world-wide that have gone on to become Reiki volunteers, establish paid practices, teach Reiki classes and work on friends/family!

I’m so happy to now have my Reiki students from across the world as a part of my Reiki mentorship community. A LIVE, highly interactive and highly experiential 6-Month Reiki mentorship program. 

Haven’t taken a Reiki class with me, yet? I can’t wait to meet you and hear how Reiki empowers you to more fully live your best life!

Excited to now offer my nationwide live online Reiki mentorship program. My ENERGI Reiki mentorship community which I launched in January 2022 has 25 community members. Some members took Reiki classes with me several years ago and some in the past year! After you take a Reiki training with me, you’ll learn all about this amazing program for personal, spiritual and professional growth.








Where will your Reiki journey take you?


If you are not an ENERGI member already,

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and learn all about this one-year Reiki mentorship program.