Monday, July 22, 2024

Denver, Detroit & Austin Classes

Join Lisa Guyman at a Transformative Reiki Workshop in person at one of these locations!

Denver, Colorado

Birmingham, Michigan

Austin, Texas

Online from the comfort of your home!

Join Lisa Guyman in a Reiki Workshop!


Denver, Colorado Workshop

Birmingham, Michigan Workshop

Austin, Texas Workshop


Special Note: To keep all my beautiful returning and new students safe during the Covid-19 pandemic you can now take classes with me in my Virtual Reiki Training.   

You can choose to wait until my in-person classes (in Austin, Detroit and Denver) return, but why not  get started with your Reiki journey now.  You can see clients remotely or in-person. And certainly Reiki will help you navigate the pandemic with greater ease and help those in your life (near and far).

Read about the research from Harvard. Reiki provides a tremendous boost to well-being.  And Reiki can be done on yourself, your loved ones (near and far), clients, pets, the community and the planet.


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Join Lisa Guyman for an amazing online Reiki workshop experience.




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