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Lisa’s Vision/Mission

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Lisa’s Vision/Mission

Vision:  Positively affect as many lives as possible and contribute to world peace.

“Whenever possible practice kindness;
kindness is always possible.
The Dali Lama

Purpose: Assist people in realizing their potential and re-awakening to all that they are.

Mission: Support people in expanding and deepening their connection to source while empowering them to unfold their dreams and live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Strategy: I seek to serve this mission by providing sanctuary for people and
by communicating spiritual and practical tools and concepts through my workshops, one-on-one sessions, speaking engagements, writings and guided meditations.

Special Area of Interest: I want to speak to as many people as possible about the benefits of meditation (and teach meditation to as many as possible).  I see this happening through small and large-scale speaking engagements, television and radio interviews, etc.  Please contact me with any opportunities you are aware of for getting the word out!  I believe it is most important for me to talk to the medical community, to the general public, to the mainstream.

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