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   1.  “A Journey of Love isn’t a Journey at All” by Lisa Guyman
   2.  “Nobody Told Me There’d be Days Like This” – An Article on Covid-19 – May 1, 2020
   3.  .
   4.  10 Tips on How to Meditate Easily and Successfully
   5.  A Blank Slate of New Possibilities
   6.  A Chance Encounter and a Profound Shift with Emotional Freedom Technique
   7.  A Journey of 1270 Miles Begins Shortly . . .
   8.  A Journey of 584 Million Miles Begins
   9.  A Journey of Life and Love: Graduation from Earth School
   10.  A long time meditator introducing my workshops (video)
   11.  A Message from Spirit: Reflecting on 2023 and Looking Ahead in 2024
   12.  A Personal Update – Mom, Caregiving & Life
   13.  A Poem for the Holiday Season
   14.  A Poem for the Season by Lisa Guyman
   15.  A Time of Healing
   16.  About Lisa Guyman’s Journey with Reiki
   17.  About my Reiki and Meditation programs
   18.  Alternative Therapies Legislation in Colorado – Includes Reiki
   19.  Alternative Therapies Legislation in Colorado- Effective June 5, 2013 – Includes Reiki
   20.  Anything is Possible
   21.  Appreciating the Now
   22.  Are You Giving Your Power Away or Resisting What is?
   23.  Are your Reiki hands in your pockets?
   24.  Awakened Mind Brainwave & Meditation Training – Boulder, Colorado
   25.  Back from NYC; About my Family
   26.  Breathe the Now into Your Day
   27.  Carrying Forth the Wisdom of David Simon, M.D.
   28.  Ch-ch-ch-ch ‘Changes’
   29.  Choice Points
   30.  class photo
   31.  Coaching Readiness Quiz
   32.  Costa Rica Womens Retreat January 22-29
   33.  COVID-19 and Reiki
   34.  Creating Movement In Your Life
   35.  Creating Peace in the Midst of Chaos
   36.  Dave’s Rock Garden in Encinitas, California
   37.  Deepak Chopra, M.D. and The Chopra Center
   38.  Disclosure Statement Form for Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioner Colorado
   39.  Embracing All of Who You Are
   40.  Embracing and Living in Possiblity
   41.  Emotions as Messengers from Your Soul
   42.  Empowering Our Dreams
   43.  ENERGI, my Reiki Mentorship program, opens once a year
   44.  Enjoying the Moment
   45.  Enjoying the Rhythm of Life
   46.  Essential Awareness in Yoga
   47.  Exploring the Reiki Principle of Kindness & Mindful Self-Compassion
   48.  Exploring the Third Reiki Principle – Invoking Gratitude
   49.  Favorite Authors
   50.  Favorite Books & CDs
   51.  Free Solstice Healing Event – December 21, 2023 – Illuminating Grief Livestream from Denver
   52.  Getting Back to Grace from a State of Hurriedness and Contraction
   53.  Goal Free Living
   54.  Goal Setting & Life Visualization Meditation
   55.  Got Questions about Learning Reiki? Contact Lisa
   56.  Group Meditation & Yoga Nidra – Coming Soon
   57.  Group Meditation & Yoga Nidra Class – Tuesday, July 8 in Denver
   58.  Harvard University Study on Reiki Sessions – A Single Session of Reiki Significantly Improved Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Nausea and Fatigue
   59.  How I stopped comparing my meditations to others….
   60.  How to Create Meaningful Change
   61.  How to Feel Good
   62.  How to Meditate Easily and Effectively – Presentation/Workshop at the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention
   63.  How to Meditate Easily and Successfully: A Breathing Awareness Meditation
   64.  Hypnosis Q&A
   65.  Improv and Presence…
   66.  In the wake of tragedy…
   67.  Inner Freedom
   68.  Intentions for Creating More Inner Peace
   69.  Is The Story You Are Telling Yourself Causing Greater Stress? Just For Today, Do Not Worry
   70.  Join me at Wanderlust – Copper Mountain July 4-7, 2013 – Yoga, Meditation & Music Festival
   71.  Join me for my Lightworkers Ignite™ Guided Meditation, November 29, 2022
   72.  Join My Mailing List
   73.  Journey into Meditation: a Roadmap to Inner Healing and Wholeness © Lisa Guyman
   74.  Just Announced – Reiki Workshops in the Mile High City – January 27-29, 2017
   75.  Last Chance to Sign Up for – Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing – Hot Springs Retreat – October 5-7, Colorado
   76.  Law of Attraction and the Bigger Picture
   77.  Learn Mantra Meditation Today
   78.  Letter from Deepak Chopra – on Meditation
   79.  Letting Go of the How
   80.  Life Coaching Q&A
   81.  LifeSpark Reiki Luncheon on October 4, 2019 in Denver
   82.  Lightworkers Ignite Guided Meditations: How It Started
   83.  Lightworkers Ignite Update & Origin Story
   84.  Lisa’s Vision/Mission
   85.  Lisa, Guest Speaker for the Chopra Center Teacher Teleconference
   86.  Love Can Heal – Healing Thoughts for Dr. David Simon, Chopra Center Co-Founder
   87.  Magazine Reviews of Journey into Meditation
   88.  Making the Most of the Holidays
   89.  Meditation Class Follow Up PSM
   90.  Meditation Class in Rochester Hills at Red Lotus Yoga
   91.  Meditation in Detroit
   92.  Meditations, Brainwaves & the Universe
   93.  Messages from a Higher Plane
   94.  Messages from the other side…
   95.  My first TV interview on meditation
   96.  Natural Awakenings News Brief – Reiki Classes in NYC with Lisa Guyman
   97.  Newsletter Articles & Mailing List
   98.  Nourishing our Dreams
   99.  Online Reiki Classes: What it’s Like & How We Practice Virtually
   100.  Opening Yourself to New Possibilities in the New Year

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