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Join me for Reiki & Meditation Events!

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Reiki I, II, Reiki Master & Teacher Training Lightworkers Ignite Guided Meditations Primordial Sound Meditation Classes   August 28-29, 2021 Reiki I/II Classes Birmingham, Michigan     September 11-12, 2021 Reiki I/II Classes Denver, Colorado September 14th, 2021 Join me for Lightworkers Ignite Guided Meditation for Healing the World To get invited to Lightworkers Ignite […]

The Reiki Principles

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What are the Reiki principles and where did they come from? Some sources state that the principles were created by Dr. Usui others state that they were created by the Emperor of Japan.  Either way, Dr. Usui was said to have recited these principles on a daily basis. There are various versions of the Reiki […]

Releasing Impatience and Resistance: Exploring the Reiki Principles

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Releasing Patience and Resistance:  Exploring the Reiki Principles by Lisa Guyman What if we gave up worry and were grateful for our lives just exactly as they are? We might not need anything else to be happy! As human beings our minds create about 99% of our suffering. Though in the wisdom of Mikao Usui, […]