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Here’s what students have to say about their experience of learning Reiki online with me in 2021:

After Lisa’s class I am so passionate about Reiki and can’t wait to use this gift to help others! I love it!

“Reiki kept popping up in my life for a while, and Lisa was the first person I was drawn to while researching classes. It took me 2 years to feel like it was time, and it never crossed my mind to go anywhere but to Lisa! I was hesitant about the online classes due to covid, but I’m glad I jumped in anyway. Lisa is a very fun, loving, gifted teacher. I have already recommended her to everyone who asks about the class.

Now I know why Reiki came across my path and wouldn’t leave. After Lisa’s class I am so passionate about Reiki and can’t wait to use this gift to help others! I love it!

This is real!

This is absolutely amazing!

I was meant for this! To heal myself, my family and friends. When the time is right, I will change my whole career and do Reiki only. I am so excited. ” Sunny


I am so glad that I found you, Lisa! I have never felt more “where I need to be” than I did this weekend.” Caitlyn



I truly had a remarkable experience. Beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve been buzzing for days…

Lindsay – Reiki Master & Teacher Student

“I have been practicing Reiki in a clinical setting (outpatient surgery and then hospice) for several years. I felt called to take the Reiki Master course for a few years but never followed through with taking a course due to cost, timing conflict with my work schedule, lack of connection with the Reiki Master/Teacher, etc. Like most of us, 2020 brought new stressors and anxieties or amplified our existing struggles. I felt it was time to really take care of myself. Working as a RN, I am constantly educating loved ones on self-care and cautioning that the lack of self-care will result in caregiver burnout. Like most healthcare workers, I did not heed my own advice and my body showed me the toll that this lack of self-care takes.

I found Lisa online and was honestly hesitant to take the Reiki Master class online via Zoom. In theory, I understand distance reiki works, but I personally, I have not had much experience with distant reiki. After several emails back and forth from Lisa, I knew I had found the right person, at the right time, to mentor me in this journey.

The Reiki Master and Teacher courses exceeded any of my expectations. I was able to experience more deep relaxation through meditation and Reiki in this one weekend then I have in the past 5 years! It was really an incredible experience.

I had many life changing experiences during the course. I felt parts of my body “light up” during the master attunement. I felt vibrations, tingling throughout my body, and the feeling in my hands and palms changed. Now when I channel Reiki I feel my hands “turn on” and feel a vibration of waves coming through them. I also had many vivid dreams. One in particular had a profound impression on me. I felt and saw bright white light pouring through a small crack in the clouds above me. As I was attuned, the clouds opened up more and a large amount of bright light poured through me entering my body through my crown and third eye chakras.

I am someone who feels my intuition as a deep knowing. I am not one whose intuition communicates through visualization; however, during the gazing exercise, I saw auras for the first time! We were in a group of 3 which was validating because the other person gazing saw the exact same colors as I did. It was such a neat experience and confirmed to me that distance Reiki truly works.

I truly had a remarkable experience. Beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve been buzzing for days.

I would recommend any class Lisa Guyman teaches!” Lindsay


Thank you so much for guiding me on my Reiki journey. It was a lovely balance of creating safety and allowing us to play in the sandbox.

“Thank you so much for guiding me on my Reiki journey. I have a love for what Reiki has provided me in terms of my self-care, healing for others and a potential new professional development route.  It has been a gift for myself and those around me.  Your approach to teaching is affirming – embracing your students inner knowing.  I particularly loved the practices being guided.  It was a lovely balance of creating safety and allowing us to play in the sandbox.  I had an opportunity to do a Reiki training with somebody locally and overall I found that teacher’s process rigid.  I think this impacted how much I was able to learn with that teacher.  I was in so much gratitude for our time together at your Reiki workshop weekend.  It affirmed what a gifted teacher you are as well as my own inner knowing.” Mindy



I wasn’t sure what to expect, and with the pandemic, everything was virtual.  During her Reiki 1 and 2 class I tapped into a side of me I never knew existed and the experience was just wonderful.

“My Mom practiced Reiki and even attuned me before passing, but I never had any interest in learning until a few years later. I searched Reiki classes online and found Lisa. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and with the pandemic, everything was virtual.  During her Reiki 1 and 2 class I tapped into a side of me I never knew existed and the experience was just wonderful. Lisa gave us the foundation and held space for us to explore and experience Reiki on our own terms. I especially enjoyed the breakout sessions where we practiced on and with fellow students and talked about our experiences. I just finished the Master and Teachers course.  I was drawn to learn more and I signed up to take the next levels with Lisa right after Reiki 1 and 2.  She has years of experience and is a great source of knowledge for both practicing Reiki and the business side of it. Her stories are plentiful and helped me to visualize how I want to run my practice one day.  I don’t know where my Reiki path will take me, but I am definitely prepared. Thanks Lisa!” Camille



This was such an incredible & mindblowing experience.

“This was such an incredible and mindblowing experience. I joined class because I felt a tug toward Reiki, and now after taking Reiki 1 and 2 this March, I feel a deep connection to the practice after the workshops.

I had such a profound shift during the Reiki Master/Teacher class this last weekend. I’m not a very emotional person, but found myself so emotional after receiving these attunements and experiencing the empowerment Lisa brings to her workshop!” Jessi




The classes were amazing and I have found myself using Reiki in ALL areas of my life already.

“Reiki I and II classes: “I have been wanting to learn Reiki for the past 5 years or so to add to my massage practice.  I am so grateful to have found your website on Google Lisa! The classes were amazing and I have found myself using Reiki in ALL areas of my life already. And I have already used Reiki with willing massage clients just a day after the classes were completed!

Reiki Master & Reiki Teacher classes: “I felt the Reiki even stronger than I did in the Reiki I and II class! I am so excited to be adding this very special modality to my massage practice! Lisa is an amazing teacher AND a beautiful soul.  So grateful to have found her!” Jill




I left each of the Reiki class levels with tools that I can use every day. 

It’s difficult to truly put into words the value that I received as a result of participating in your classes. You are obviously SO prepared – and SO passionate about Reiki – and about teaching it! I left each of the classes with tools that I can use every day. You not only taught us what Reiki was – but gave us guided instruction on just how to use it. I have already been incorporating it into my Healing Touch sessions – and loving it!

A GIANT aha moment came during my Master attunement. It was a very powerful experience – and I was given a clear message of affirmation that, indeed, Reiki has a role to play in my life.

A major shift came slowly, literally hour by hour, as I went through all 4 classes – and that shift was from a mistrust/disrespect of Reiki to an embracing and complete respect of Reiki as energy work – and for good Reiki Instructors!

I have used it personally to help with my ill dog, to bless a room, and to help with some digestive issues I had.

I use Reiki every day – in sessions with clients – and will continue to do so. Cathy Gurnee



lasses in Denver, Colorado and Birmingham, Michigan. Inner Sanctum.

Reiki Workshop Students – Find Even More Reiki Class Testimonials Here

Reiki Training with Lisa Guyman – Students practicing Reiki

“I wanted to take some time and express gratitude for the wonderful Reiki class I attended.  I just really appreciate your spirit and am very blessed that you love to teach the class.  I know on a personal level it has really changed my life and I’m can only guess how many others it has changed.  Much growth has occurred for me and I thank you for your part.”  Debbie – Aurora, Colorado.

“Lisa, you are a gifted teacher! Why? You use your extensive training and practicing with an open heart and spirit to create an inviting classroom atmosphere in which you exhibit no pretensions. As a result you unlock Reiki for your students and in the process, and just as powerfully, you open the way for your students to be unlocked to themselves. My classmates and I, therefore, were caught up and we learned, opened, and released. I was amazed as I watched my classmates blossom and as I experienced that blossoming myself. Since your class, I have progressively made more profound connection to the positive energies of our Universe and perhaps others. You opened a doorway for me onto a higher plane of compassion. Thank you so much!”  Kim Harris – April 2019 (Denver, Colorado)

“I just wanted to thank you one more time for teaching the Reiki. It has made a tremendous difference in my life.”  Paula – Denver, Colorado.

“Thank you so much for such an amazing weekend Reiki workshop experience.  As I said Monday, it far surpassed my expectations.  I appreciate how honest and present you are in the classes- it is evident that you are full of love and  truly care about those you are teaching.  Anyone would be blessed to have you teach them Reiki.”  K.C. – Colorado.

“I really appreciate your approach to teaching (and life!)  You seem to make the knowledge just slide into place and settle gently around the soul.”  Connie – Golden, Colorado.

“I think it’s such a gift that while healing others I will be able to heal myself.  Funny how that really wasn’t even my intention, but it worked out perfectly because I feel I really needed this.  I KNOW my spirit has brought me on this path and I am very thankful I was lead to you!”   Crystal Chavez- Denver, Colorado.

“I wanted to thank you so much for your classes.  I have already been using Reiki on my homebound patients, and I am amazed. I am so new to Reiki that I thought it would be awkward, but I have offered it to all my patients. and even though I only seem to fit 5-10, or 15 minutes during my treatment time, they seem to feel the energy, heat and sometimes even colors  I am still amazed.  Guess i will start writing it down.  I am so glad that I bought the CDs, too!  You have the most Soothing voice I have ever heard!!!  Thank you.”  M.B. – Clawson, Michigan.

“Thank you for teaching me the next level in Reiki because it has been guiding me in new and happier ways in my life.”  Jason – Longmont, Colorado.


A Reiki Meditation – Guided Meditation Session with Lisa Guyman, Reiki Master at Wanderlust

“Thank you.  It’s been a real blessing for me and I’m so glad I came across you.  I’ve learned a HUGE amount and found a way to increase my spirituality and help others.  Thank you Lisa.”  Wendy – Denver, Colorado.

“I now get what it is supposed to be like to hear your guides pulling you in the right direction even if you you don’t understand! TRUST.  I really thank you for being in my life and helping me get to where I obviously am supposed to be.”  Heather – Denver, Colorado.

“You have made my soul come alive!  Julia – Life Coach – Denver, Colorado.

“I just wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate your beautiful teachings for our group this past weekend. I had such an amazing time and am still feeling the waves of love and magic wash over me.  I am so inspired by the power of Reiki and am excited to add it to my energy tool box.  Thanks you again; I had such a transformative weekend!”  Kim – Colorado.

“Thank you for sharing Reiki with me.  I am so full of energy and have a wonderful peaceful feeling.”  Deb – first Reiki student in Englewood, Colorado 1998.

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed taking Reiki one and two.  I have been feeling so good with so many aspects of my life since then.  I have been self-healing every day and find that when I finish I burst out laughing.  I just wanted you to know how much Reiki means to me already.”  Abbie – Student, Dallas, Texas.

“Lisa is a true inspiration, she approaches the subject with a great depth of knowledge, experience and compassion. You are immediately connected to her as a teacher and the course for me, was very spiritual.  A beacon of healing light and energy has been turned on and my thanks go out to her for gently leading me on this path of enlightenment.” Paul –  England.

“I am very happy that I pursued my training with you and look forward to more learning opportunities.”  Pat -Denver,  Colorado.

“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you and going through the attunement to Master/Teacher.  I really like the way you teach the class.”   Donna – Southfield, Michigan.

“I want to thank you so much for such an amazing experience. I absolutely loved it, and have been practicing almost constantly since I left the group! I definitely agree that the practice has greatly improved my confidence and therefore, my treatments have gotten much more powerful. My hands are heating up and I’ve been having some interesting experiences with feeling emotions in my hands from my clients.”  Jacquie –  Littleton, Colorado.

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the Reiki 2 class I took with you…  I thought the materials and presentation were very professional and the discussions engaging and relevant.”  Maggie – Boulder, Colorado.


“The whole experience left me feeling changed for the better forever!” Carole Patrick.

“A year ago I took your course, and can honestly say it profoundly affected my life. The best way I can describe it is an awakening of my spirit, an uplifting of my soul and an awareness that I am so much more that I ever imagined.” Janine.

“Best spiritual training I’ve had. Thanks for sharing your gifts.” Duane – 2016

” I was so positively affected through the Reiki workshops- I have a new sense of lightness in my life despite the periods of darkness in the last couple of years. I feel my spirit beginning to really soar and it feels sooooo good!” Carolyn – 2016

“I highly recommend Lisa as your teacher if you are even slightly interested in learning about the wonderful, powerful, exciting practice of Reiki! I aspire to become as humble and loving and kind as her.’ Tonya – 2016

keep-calm-and-get-reiki (Duplicate)Client Sessions

“Lisa has an extraordinary ability to “hear” my concerns and guide me.  I can’t believe how much I get out of each session and how positively it affects my life.  The meditation and visualization work in my coaching sessions with Lisa have profoundly impacted me and have really helped me get more centered.”  Susan – Texas.


“Lisa  has “the gift” we all seek when we think of healing. But it’s not just her therapeutic touch and calming voice. I have been wandering through the wilderness of wellness for 40 years and Lisa epitomizes something I’ve rarely found – authenticity. There is no doubting her sincere desire, or her ability to heal. But her willingness to be who she is immediately opens up the bond of trust that is a must for the success of any true healing relationship. A powerful, nurturing and cleansing experience unlike any other I’ve had.  A rare find indeed.”  -Reiki Session – Charlie  Aurora, Colorado.


Michigan Reiki Class with Lisa Guyman

“I am really looking forward to my next hypnotherapy session. This has really been THE answer for me!”  Carolyn – Boulder, Colorado.

“I’ve had three hypnotherapy sessions in the last year.  The sessions have helped me let go of behaviors and thinking that was no longer served me.  What amazes me is how deeply effetive each session with Lisa is.”    Tracy – Westminster, Colorado.

“I came to Lisa with a list of things I wanted to change. I was feeling very stuck, stagnant and unhappy.  I couldn’t believe how much my state of mind changed in my first session.”   Sarah – Denver, Colorado.

“Thank you for the Reiki treatment last week. It was wonderful! Meeting you and receiving a treatment from you has made me consider furthering my Reiki training.”  Pat – Denver, Colorado.

“Congratulations on your well deserved reviews! Having experieced you as both my teacher and practitioner, I am happy that many more will be experiencing your wonderful gifts!” Lyn – Denver, Colorado.

“I’ve just received the most incredible job offer – one far above any position I’ve ever held.  For what it’s worth, I know all of this is due to knowing you.  You helped me to be open to possibilities, you’ve given me tools for survival and improvement, and you’ve been an incredible support. I’m sure I’ll need to start another string of sessions with you soon, but I just wanted to let you know that I deeply appreciate all you’ve done for me. You are awesome and have already made a huge impact in the world. Thank you thank you thank you.”  Stephanie – Washington D.C.

Primordial Sound Meditation StudentsFind Even More Reviews Here

“I’m so surprised at how easy the meditation is and how refreshed I feel afterwards.  I can’t believe that in just one week of practice I notice such a difference.  My mind is more at ease.  I’m not worrying so much and I can now leave work at work.”  Heidi – Denver, Colorado.

“It used to take me an hour to get deeply into meditation now it just takes a couple minutes.”  R.O. – Denver

“It’s made a huge difference in my life.  I immediately noticed that I felt more calm and relaxed, no longer reacting so strongly when things have gone awry.” Dana – Nurse, Arvada, Colorado.


Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It’s a way of entering into the quiet that is already there-buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks each day – Deepak Chopra

“This has brought everything together for me.  It is faster and deeper than anything I’ve done before.”  Calvin – Massage Therapist – Denver, Colorado

“Thanks so much for a wonderful class- you are the best teacher!  I suspect that this is going to have a significant place in my life, and I am thrilled to have found you.”  Dory – Researcher, Castle Rock, Colorado.

” I didn’t think I could meditate because my thoughts go a million miles a minute and it’s hard for me to sit still so I was very surprised when right after instruction I was able to easily meditate for 20 minutes.  I now meditate most days twice a day for about twenty minutes each time and the time flies by.  I look foward to taking a meditation break at work – there is a lot by work that I park in and I sit and meditate there.  It helps so much. Everyone around me has noticed a difference.”  R. F. – Brazil

“I so appreciate your counsel and guidance around meditation that it doesn’t matter how many times you wander off, it only matters that you come back.  You’re a gifted practitioner and I am grateful you are in my life.”  David – Golden, Colorado.

“Just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift of meditation with us. Since this class, I have been meditating every night. I absolutely feel more calm. It has really helped me. Thanks.”  Michelle – Sales – Denver, Colorado

“You may have changed someone’s life today.  This was such a positive experience already.  I came in here not knowing if I could meditation because my mind is so busy now I know I can.”  Jennifer – homemaker – Denver, Colorado.

“I loved your classes and feel that you are an inspired and inspiring teacher.”  Carol  – professor and therapist, Broomfield, Colorado.

“You are a great teacher and a wonderful person.”  Dina- Peru.

Lisa Guyman - Leading Meditation at Wanderlust Copper 2013

Lisa Guyman – Leading a Meditation Class at Wanderlust Yoga and Meditation Festival – Copper Mountain Colorado

“Lisa is highly trained instructor in Primordial Sound Meditation by Deepak Chopra. She is a beautiful shining light that is upbeat and positive and makes everyone welcome radiating the oneness that is all of us. I recommend her as an instructor and believe her classes an asset to any yoga studio wishing to have a great guest teacher for meditation instruction. I can not say enough about her professional qualifications, let alone her deep personable knowledge and self.” – Jennifer Monk – Monk Yoga – Loveland, Colorado.

“I really enjoyed your class.  The most important thing I learned was that meditation should be easy, thoughts are OK and are stress relief,  and basically you just do it, and you really can’t screw it up!”  Vivian – Aurora, Colorado.

“I loved the class and the meditation is exactly what I needed.  It was a beautiful weekend and lots of fun.”   (Colleen – Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“I got so much out of the meditation class.  I was convinced I would never really be able to meditate for more than 5 minutes.   Since taking the class I have meditated everyday for at least 20 minutes.  I realized I was putting too much pressure into sitting the right way, doing for the right length of time, and trying to clear my thoughts.  I now am able to let myself just BE there.  I stopped working so hard at it.  I have since experienced some of the most peaceful, relaxing meditations.  I am also really enjoying the book Sacred Healing.  I want to say thank you for everything.  Your class really opened a new door for me in my meditation.”   Jennifer – Rochester, Michigan.

“I truly enjoyed the class.  Thanks again for a wonderful class! You presented the material in a down to earth and easy to understand way.  Your personality is so warm and approachable that it made it easy to feel comfortable and ask questions.”  – Theresa – Commerce Township, Michigan.

“I particularly enjoyed the way in which you presented the information. Your passion for The Chopra Center and their philosophies shines through you and just made me want to learn more. I’m anxious to see how my meditation develops.”  John – Littleton, Colorado.

Reviews of Journey Through Reiki 5 CD set  – Find Even More Reviews Here

5 Hours of Reiki Audios with Lisa Guyman

5star “An awesome guide to practicing Reiki! I love this set. I am a beginner at Reiki and this has helped a lot with giving treatments. The step by step guides for Reiki treatments really help without being distracting to the person being treated. I especially like the guided self healings. I have found this to be extremely valuable on my own journey to self healing. The music C.D. is also great for practicing Reiki or just relaxing or meditating.”  – Patricia A. Kucinskas

5star “Perfect for Beginners or Saged Practitioners. Whether you are new to Reiki or a practitioner, this 5 disc set is a wonderful addition to the Reiki profession. Lisa guides you through complete treatments so a “beginner” doesn’t have to stop and read notes and the sage can remain focused. The self-treatments are perfect for home use and remaining attentive, and the music CD is absolutely beautiful. Relaxing and meditative, the music CD itself it well worth the money.” – Carrie Watts

5star “Be still inside, close your eyes and follow along with Lisa’s healing voice as it truly resonates with your spirit. Very calming. Very nurturing. After giving you the basics of Reiki she guides you gently and skillfully through a Reiki treatment. Almost like being there with her. Great even as background music throughout the day. Beautifully done!”  – Charlie (Colorado)

5star LOVE IT! Educational and Inspiring! “I highly recommend this Reiki CD set, it really has it all! Lisa Guyman’s soothing, melodic voice softly guides you through the basic principles and philosophies of Reiki, setting up for a session and step by step (or in this case hand position by hand position) instruction for a complete Reiki treatment! There are two 1 hour complete Reiki treatments and two 25 minute Reiki self treatments. I especially like the treatments that include affirmations for each hand position. As the practitioner, I feel the affirmations helped take me to the next level by opening my mind further to possible healing effects. I also appreciate that during the teachings Lisa Guyman shares some of her own personal Reiki experiences and philosophies. I would highly recommend this Reiki CD set to anyone from beginners to advanced Masters.” – K. Goodin.

5star “I am so thankful I got the Reiki CDs. I think you may want to mention to other students how helpful they are! The guided treatments are so soothing. I had no idea how powerful, comforting and soothing they are. I really mean it.”  – Marci, Home Health Care

5star “Journey through Reiki is a “must have” for any serious student of Reiki. Lisa’s soothing and steady presentation is truly a heartfelt work of art and I highly recommend it to all students of Reiki. The learning provided flows seamlessly with any Reiki training a student has had in the past. It is absolutely wonderful as a “refresher” when one has been away from practice for awhile. The teachings are presented in a sequential manner and build upon each other in a straight forward, steady and very accessible manner. A solid foundation is built at the very beginning with “Essential Healing Principles”. The student is then guided through sound and practical strategies to increase energy, practice for Reiki treatments, self treatments and chakra balancing.” – Anonymous

5star“I found the chakra balancing section to be especially helpful and insightful. The journey continues with a complete Reiki treatment and a Reiki treatment with affirmations. The journey concludes itself with a very beautiful and soothing 60 minutes of meditative music for Reiki. I use the music portion as a background for not only Reiki but also for reading and contemplative study and reflection. This would also make a wonderful gift to any Reiki practitioner or a gift to yourself and for me has become an essential component of my Reiki library.” – Cassandra M. , Nurse

5starThis five CD set has become a cherished resource in my Reiki collection. It is just amazing how much is included in this set-something for every practitioner. From the wonderful advice and validation for starting to work with clients to the practice exercises for giving various treatments, I found this to be a great refresher from my Reiki instructions. The music is always beautiful,relaxing and peaceful. But Lisa’s soothing voice really ties the entire experience together, creating a feeling of calm. I am also fortunate to have been a former student of her Reiki class and recommend it highly to others!  – C. Heidt – CO

5starI LOVE this series. I’m so glad that I purchased this. I am fairly new to Reiki, and this wonderful series was extremely helpful and gave me the confidence I so dearly needed. I highly recommend this whether you are new to Reiki or have just been away from it for a while. – K. Walters – OH

5starJourney Through Reiki is an excellent tool for anyone involved with Reiki. Lisa has an amazing gift, her teaching style is simple, direct and filled with respect for the practice. I have used the self-healing as a way to relax and meditate while giving myself a treatment. I have also used the guided healing for others to provide very profound healing treatments for others. The affirmations are fabulous. In addition, I own a healing practice and use the Reiki music CD for almost all my treatments. This is a great package and unique to the market, because until I received this CD set, I was in search of a product that had it all. This is it! Whether you are a Level 1 or a Master, you will find a great deal of value contained in this set.  – Hannah Cornell-Schroeder – MI

5starI was pleasantly surprised while listening to this CD. It is far more than your “standard” meditation CD with calming music. Instead, Lisa Guyman offers three unique journeys into how to better explore your inner self using well-designed exercises. I was able to instantly relax in minutes with little effort on my part and felt so calm afterwards! I especially enjoyed the Chakra cleansing meditation to help focus on balancing while relaxing at the same time.   Christy

5starI wanted to express my appreciation for your Reiki cd’s… which were the reason I decided to take your class instead of continuing on with my former instructor (although she is also quite wonderful!).   I think the cd’s are a gracious, supportive tool for those wishing to practice Reiki; whether personally or professionally… and I will continue to use and recommend them!  Mindy – Colorado

Reviews of Journey Into Meditation CD – Find Even More Reviews Here

Journey into Meditation CD

Journey into Meditation – Guided Meditations with Lisa Guyman


5starBegin your healing journey with Lisa! (a must-have item). I have been listening to this cd daily, and never tire of it. Lisa’s soothing, gentle voice and amazing imagery take you on a healing journey each time you listen. You will find it easy to release “old baggage,” receive guidance, and welcome in the positive forces for personal growth and fulfillment. Try it and be amazed! -Marci (Michigan)

5starAmazing experience. Lisa’s Meditation classes are an amazing experience. Her sweet voice guides you to a deeper place within and assures you that you are one with your true self.Allowing you the time to savour the moment and experience true happiness, she leaves us with a joyful and grateful feeling. Even if you can attend her classes in Denver CO, the CD is a way of ‘taking Lisa home with you’. She has the ability of being not only a Teacher, but a dear friend. -Debbie Johnston (Joanopolis, Brazil)

5star“I absolutely love your meditation CDs! I have used all three recordings and just love each of them. They have provided me with more of a framework for my meditations and they have allowed me to meditate longer.  Wow. I may have to buy some of these as gifts! ”  Pat – Denver, Colorado.

5starA Wonderful Treasure. This is a fabulous way to calm, soothe and center yourself for the tasks ahead. Whether you listen daily, or you use as needed, you will feel able to face the day ahead. In these turmultuous times, we need these tools more than ever. Lisa Guyman’s voice and gentle direction will lead you to where you need to go in order to face your day. I cannot recommend this CD any higher, but if I could, it would get a “10?. If you are anxious and worried, uncertain or fearful in this world, this CD will help you keep your feet on the ground and moving forward. All three meditations are wonderful, but my favorite is the cleansing waterfalls….try it, you’ll see! -Lori A Scena (NY)

5starA giver of true value of healing and insight.  I have always been skeptical of guided image CDs, until I listened to this one. Lisa has a wonderfully soothing voice combine with peacful and relaxing sounds and music. She gently guides you to a wonderful place of healing and renewal. In only a couple of days of listening to Lisa’s guidence, I found myself more relaxed and centered then ever before. To listen to her is a powerful and transforming experience. -D. Bennett (Denver).

5starGreat! Great relaxing voice, soothing background sounds. – Mike in Hudson

5starPowerful – Deep – Soothing- Healing. This meditation CD is very healing!  Lisa has a wonderfully soothing voice that takes me deep within each meditation journey.  The music that accompanies her voice is awesome as well! -Carol88

5star“It’s made a real difference in my life; I listen to it almost everyday.”

5star“I take it with me on business travels; it helps to shift me from stress
and anxiety to a quiet place within.”  -Art Gallery Owner

5star“I can’t wait to get home and listen to the meditation again.” -6 yr. old boy

5star“I take your CD with me when I fly.  Once I am seated on the plane
I play your CD and it helps to relax me during take off and makes flying so much easier.”  -Teacher

5star ”It’s the best, I put your CD on and all stress leaves my body. I’m ordering 2 more as gifts.” -Real Estate Agent

5star Lisa Guyman leads great guided meditations, whether for beginners or for those much further along the enlightenment path.

5starBest Guided Meditation I Can Find. I have bought and tried several different guided meditations recently. This is by far my favorite. I love the life visualization meditation. I always have a more productive day at work when I listened to this the night before. Very enjoyable! -M. Milby

5starJust what I was looking for! I have been searching for really good guided meditations and have not found the right one …. until now. This album is great! It has 3 really excellent meditations… with purpose. Lisa’s voice is calming – she guides you yet offers silence to input your own dreams, goals, and questions. The whole album is relaxing and so enjoyable. They are perfect for the beginner and experienced. -Rhonda R., Florida, USA

5starA real positive change in my life. Journey into Meditation helped me tremendously to create a positive change in my life, after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2007. I had never done meditation before, and Lisa’s CD guided me to a wonderful spiritual realm which greatly improved my mental, physical and emotional health. The meditations helped me through cancer treatments and I am now a 1 year+ survivor, and I still listen to Lisa’s CDs several times a week or whenever i need a boost or release from stress. I highly recommend it! -Didi Gardner, St. Lo


amazon front cover (1)with gradientGreat CD – Highly Recommend it! CB (CO)These meditations are profoundly relaxing as is the music! I have experienced dozens of guided meditations in many different formats, some that were really good and some that I only listened to once. These meditations quickly became one of my favorites. Although on most days I sit in silence for meditation – at times I really like be lead into meditation.

This is a unique ensemble that gives pertinent information and useful guidance about journaling and reflection. This is not only a comprehensive introduction for someone new to meditation but presents an opportunity for anyone already established in a routine of meditation to enhance their ongoing experience with a guided meditation practice.

 Amazing Meditation CD – Dolphin girl (CA)

I am a yoga teacher in San Diego & I highly recommend this CD. It allows for a journey into beautiful meditations and deep relaxation. The meditations create a visual landscape in the imagination that left me feeling inspired, relaxed and connected. James voice is soothing and calm, easily creating the intended effect of meditation. His meditation created a feeling of sweetness, a drawing inward to boundless repose and letting go. At the end, I was left with a gentle smile on my face. Lisa’s meditation created wonderful visual imagery and creative expansion. I’ve found that the inspirational words from these meditations have stayed with me for days after listening to the meditations.

The extra tracks on the CD explaining brainwaves, the benefits of relaxation and meditation were educational and an added bonus that help prepare me for what I was going to experience during the meditations. I also liked having suggested questions provided for introspection and contemplation.

Very Relaxing…..Love this Meditation CD! (CO)

I downloaded this meditation CD several weeks ago … and am ordering a couple more to give away as gifts! So glad I happened upon this CD. Very relaxing and incredibly soothing meditations…felt so calm and refreshed after listening! Their voices are both very soothing. It’s really of the best guided meditation CDs I’ve listened too. I highly recommend it!

Amazing Meditation CD. Heather (CO)

This meditation is amazing. Each time I have listened to Healing Waters and Dream Frontiers I have had a different experience. It is part of my daily practice now. Also incredible for sleep. My 17 year old has insomnia and it knocks him right out. Enjoy!

Journey into Meditation Excellence.  Dr. J (CO)

This Meditation CD deserves and receives 5 stars. Clearly, James Ripley and Lisa Guyman are professionals. They have given me one of the best meditation CDs I’ve ever encountered. As they tell me, these Meditations bring “Relaxation, Insight and Renewal.”
For those of you who are new to meditations, the introductory tracks help better understand some nuances of meditation. From this background you will better be able to understand why and how these two achieve such excellence. Then, listening to the two meditations themselves, you will experience Renewal and Insight.

A friend of mine was challenged with a partner who was most upset and agitated. Together they listened to Lisa Guyman’s meditation, and when they finished, all was well. There was healing and peace.

While I’m not a “beach kind of guy” James Ripley’s meditation brought me to a place of serenity and peace, something I have sought.  My recommendation to you is to get this CD for your own collection, and receive the guidance from these two most gentle and kind professionals.

 Fabulous Meditations – Feel Transported to a New Place – Kay (MI)

I’ve been listening to this CD for a couple months – these meditations are wonderfully relaxing and perfectly paced. Setting an intention at the beginning of the meditations is a profound part of the practice for me. It helps me get clear on what matters and what I most need. Some days while listening I’ll experience vivid visualization, heightened senses and clarity and other days I go deeply into relaxation or fall asleep. I’ve also found that anytime I want to…..I can just imagine one of the places in the meditation in my mind’s eye and it instantly brings me a sense of greater calm.

Relaxing – Emily B (WI)

This cd will help your anxiety. The two guided mediations with great background sounds are very soothing. I hope to listen to this CD every day.

Very Relaxing and Soothing Guided Meditations – Sarah  (iTunes)

I was looking for a CD that would take the edge off and help me relax and feel calm and this works!  Great when I’m under stress or to aid me sleep better.  Their voices are soothing and the music is too!  I rarely write reviews but this is an amazing meditation CD and I highly recommend it.

Excellent Stress Relieving Meditations– Joe (iTunes)

I purchased this CD for my wife for stress relief to help her unwind before she goes to bed.  I was surprised by the insightful practical tips contained in the intro tracks and the common sense approach to getting into the meditation state easily and quickly.  It relieved some very basic misconceptions that I had.  I am not a big fan of guided meditations but this CD is super relaxing for some reason.  My wife falls asleep to it every night….sometimes blissed out.  For that reason alone, we both love it.