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Reiki Class Testimonials

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Student's Practicing Reiki


“I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed the Reiki class this weekend. It’s something I’ve been interested in doing for some time now and I couldn’t be happier with my experience.  You know I entered the class hesitant about navigating the virtual environment – perhaps even hesitant about the virtual training experience. I now know the zoom classroom didn’t leave me with anything less than a complete training. Actually, it was REMARKABLE how much of the experiential learning can be done with zoom…simply amazing how the reiki energy doesn’t require us to share physical space!” Katherine – September 2020

“Just a quick note to say thank you for the incredible training.  I was really impressed with the potency of the online format, your wisdom, humility and overall approach.  The attunements were some of the most powerful energetic experiences I’ve had.  I still feel a new energetic buzz within me.  I’m truly honored to learn from you. Also, I crashed into the most blissfully timeless nap today after sending some reiki remotely and then practicing on my dog.” Meg – December 2020


“Thank YOU for the wonderful Reiki training. I have been doing the Self Reiki daily as well as distance Reiki for a few other people daily. We have all already been reaping the benefits of it which is AMAZING!! You are an amazing Instructor. I so enjoyed getting to learn from you and greatly appreciate your kindness and loving way of relating to others.” Lisa – September 2019


“Lisa, you are a gifted teacher! Why? You use your extensive training and practicing with an open heart and spirit to create an inviting classroom atmosphere in which you exhibit no pretensions. As a result you unlock Reiki for your students and in the process, and just as powerfully, you open the way for your students to be unlocked to themselves. My classmates and I, therefore, were caught up and we learned, opened, and released. I was amazed as I watched my classmates blossom and as I experienced that blossoming myself. Since your class, I have progressively made more profound connection to the positive energies of our Universe and perhaps others. You opened a doorway for me onto a higher plane of compassion. Thank you so much!”  Brad Harris – April 2019 (Denver, Colorado)


“I just wanted to write you and tell you how absolutely amazing last weekend was for me. It’s changed my life! I feel like I’ve found my purpose, and I feel like that helps me realize more and more who I am.  I so appreciate how warm and welcoming you were to me and the group.  I noticed that you accepted us for who we were and where we were at in life.” Mary – July 2019.

“I can’t thank you enough for the eye-opening, profound, spiritual weekend you provided. I am a changed person!  I am so looking forward to my new life! I’ve already had some awesome experiences just in the last 2 days since class. Thank you, thank you for you kind, humble, loving teaching! You have made a huge impact on me!”  Tonya – May, 2016 (Denver, Colorado)


“Best Spiritual training I’ve ever had.”  Duane – 2016 (Colorado).


“Students in your Reiki workshops will be blessed by you. Like the fog in Carl Sandburg‘s poem, you will drift into their minds in your gentle, powerful way and they will be transformed.”  Brad Harris – July 2019


“I truly enjoyed taking your Reiki classes.   I feel a change in my sensitivity and have had an opportunity to work with my family and friends since the workshop.  The feedback I’ve received is that there is a ‘big’ difference in my energy work.  I personally feel much more energy in my palms and fingertips and have even experienced an easier time entering and maintaining stillness.   You are an excellent role model and teacher — grounded, centered, and kind with a no-drama demeanor.   Thanks for a great workshop experience and opening to Reiki.” —- Vicki, M.D.


“My experience over the 4 day workshop with Lisa was awesome! It was quite intense, yet, profoundly healing and informative. Lisa’s meditations before the attunements were incredible. Lisa’s supportive and accepting demeanor in class was so appreciated. Lisa made it very comfortable to share information and ask questions. I have taken Reiki I and II 4 times and this was the most rewarding Reiki workshop I have had the honor to attend. Thank you so much, Lisa!” Linda – (Ann Arbor, Michigan).


“After recieving my Masters attunment from Lisa I found that the amount of energy that I could channel was greatly increased and the tools learned in the class along with free form Reiki techniques gave me additional tools that I can use in my Reiki practice. This class is a must take for anyone who plans to see clients for Reiki treatments! Thank you Lisa for your knowledge and awesome teaching skills.” Bill E. (Grand Blanc).


“Lisa is very gentle, passionate, and present. She offers an intimate and engaging experience in her Reiki workshop, through guided meditations, intuition-building exercises, and hands-on practice with other students. Lisa’s workshop was energizing, intriguing, and relaxing, and the weekend provided me with a deeper understanding of Reiki.”   –Bryan Clark, Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.

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I am so happy and excited that I was able to learn from Lisa! I was not sure what to expect and was feeling hesitant. Lisa is completely enlightened and her light and love just surrounds everyone in the class and the whole experience left me feeling changed for the better forever!I highly recommend her teachings and her CDs are wonderful for after the classes. Thank you forever Lisa for giving me ability to share the loving energy of Reiki and for guiding me through meditations. At this late date in the game, my life is truly improved because of you! Carole Patrick – Facebook Review. October 2014.

“I just wanted to thank you one more time for teaching the Reiki. It has made a tremendous difference in my life.”  Paula -Denver


“Just wanted to share something that happened after attending the Reiki 1/2 class! During the sessions I was focusing on finding a way to support myself independently after leaving a long marriage, and instead of worrying about money as I typically do, I switched my focus onto becoming recognized and valued for the work I already do. Lo and behold, a couple of weeks later the President of my company called me at home to praise me for my hard work, offer me a change of job title, and a 25% raise, all while continuing to do exactly the same duties as I have for over two years! I’m still scratching my head to try and figure out why anyone would do that out of the blue, when I hadn’t even asked for a raise or a promotion. Reiki sure does work in mysterious ways! Look forward to seeing you again at a future course.”  Kate


“A year ago in April 2013 I took your course, and can honestly say it profoundly affected my life.  The best way I can describe it is an awakening of my spirit, an uplifting of my soul and an awareness that I am so much more that I ever imagined.  Thank you for being a part of my life path, I consider you an invaluable guide in my journey.”  Genevieve Wolfgram


“Thank you so much for such an amazing weekend Reiki workshop experience.  As I said Monday, it far surpassed my expectations.  I appreciate how honest and present you are in the classes- it is evident that you are full of love and  truly care about those you are teaching.  Anyone would be blessed to have you teach them Reiki.”  K.C.


“Lisa  has “the gift” we all seek when we think of healing. But it’s not just her therapeutic touch and calming voice. I have been wandering through the wilderness of wellness for 40 years and Lisa epitomizes something I’ve rarely found – authenticity. There is no doubting her sincere desire, or her ability to heal. But her willingness to be who she is immediately opens up the bond of trust that is a must for the success of any true healing relationship. A powerful, nurturing and cleansing experience unlike any other I’ve had.  A rare find indeed.”  –  Charlie


“The minute I met you I felt a connection. Thank you for the light, love and healing you have brought into my life. Your Master Reiki class far exceded my expectations. Reiki is a Blessing and so are you to share and teach this beautiful experience with others. Your wonderful energy has touched my heart and soul. You have made a difference in my life and I am truly grateful for your help on my journey. Donna

Lisa Guyman Reiki Workshop Training

The Bliss of Giving & Receiving Reiki


“I really appreciate your approach to teaching (and life!)  You seem to make the knowledge just slide into place and settle gently around the soul.”  Connie


“I think it’s such a gift that while healing others I will be able to heal myself.  Funny how that really wasn’t even my intention, but it worked out perfectly because I feel I really needed this.  I KNOW my spirit has brought me on this path and I am very thankful I was lead to you!”   Crystal Chavez


“I wanted to thank you so much for your classes.  I have already been using Reiki on my homebound patients, and I am amazed. I am so new to Reiki that I thought it would be awkward, but I have offered it to all my patients. and even though I only seem to fit 5-10, or 15 minutes during my treatment time, they seem to feel the energy, heat and sometimes even colors  I am still amazed.  Guess i will start writing it down.  I am so glad that I bought the CDs, too!  You have the most Soothing voice I have ever heard!!!  Thank you.”  M.A.


“Thank you for teaching me the next level in Reiki because it has been guiding me in new and happier ways in my life.”  Jason


“Thank you.  It’s been a real blessing for me and I’m so glad I came across you.  I’ve learned a HUGE amount and found a way to increase my spirituality and help others.  Thank you Lisa.”  Wendy


“I now get what it is supposed to be like to hear your guides pulling you in the right direction even if you you don’t understand! TRUST.  I really thank you for being in my life and helping me get to where I obviously am supposed to be.”  Heather


“I just wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate your beautiful teachings for our group this past weekend. I had such an amazing time and am still feeling the waves of love and magic wash over me.  I am so inspired by the power of Reiki and am excited to add it to my energy tool box.  Thanks you again; I had such a transformative weekend!”  Kim


“You have made my soul come alive!  Julia – Life Coach


“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful learning environment that you provided. You have a remarkable ability for making one feel comfortable and reassured. But, what is most remarkable (if I can even put this into words adequately), is the way you allow one’s inner confidence to come forward  and express itself. You take the fear away. For someone like me, who is yearning to realize their ability, yet was raised in a fear-based environment, you allowed and encouraged that part of me to express itself without judgment in a safe and loving environment. That is no little thing. You truly do have a gift. And I will always be grateful to you for the loving, supportive and safe environment that you provided in the seminar.”  Melanie B.


“Thank you for sharing Reiki with me.  I am so full of energy and hav.e a wonderful peaceful feeling.”  Deb – first Reiki student in 1998.


“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed taking Reiki one and two.  I have been feeling so good with so many aspects of my life since then.  I have been self-healing every day and find that when I finish I burst out laughing.  I just wanted you to know how much Reiki means to me already.”  Abbie




“Lisa is a true inspiration, she approaches the subject with a great depth of knowledge, experience and compassion. You are immediately connected to her as a teacher and the course for me, was very spiritual.  A beacon of healing light and energy has been turned on and my thanks go out to her for gently leading me on this path of enlightenment.” Paul -England.


“I am very happy that I pursued my training with you and look forward to more learning opportunities.”  Pat


“I wanted to take some time and express gratitude for the wonderful Reiki class I attended.  I just really appreciate your spirit and am very blessed that you love to teach the class.  I know on a personal level it has really changed my life and I’m can only guess how many others it has changed.  Much growth has occurred for me and I thank you for your part.”  Debbie.


“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you and going through the attunement to Master/Teacher.  I really like the way you teach the class.”   Donna


“I want to thank you so much for such an amazing experience. I absolutely loved it, and have been practicing almost constantly since I left the group! I definitely agree that the practice has greatly improved my confidence and therefore, my treatments have gotten much more powerful. My hands are heating up and I’ve been having some interesting experiences with feeling emotions in my hands from my clients.”  Jacquie


“I wanted to express my appreciation for the Reiki 2 class I took with you…  I thought the materials and presentation were very professional and the discussions engaging and relevant.”  Maggie

More Unsolicited Reiki Testimonials. 

“I just want to say thank you for shared  all your spirituality and  Reiki knowledge with us. I’m still in the journey of serenity where the Reiki took me through you. ” C. L.

“Thank you for giving us an experience that we will carry on our journey for the rest of our lives. As I become more involved in the spiritual world, I have met so many different and amazing people on this spiritual path that have made a huge impact on my life and have taught me things that I will hope to one day teach to others. Thank you for being one of those amazing people, I will forever be grateful for the tools that you have given me and the experience that we shared.”  J. Z.


“It was so wonderful to finally meet you.  Thank you so much for this weekend.  I am very grateful for being a part of this workshop.  It was a beautiful group.  This workshop has given me more clarity in my life and what I want to do. I also wanted to mention that I started using one the cds for Reiki self-treatment.  It was so easy to follow and I have noticed that I am more aware… see, hear  many things.  It’s amazing how that happens.  Thank you again.” L.L.


“I’m somewhat at a loss for words to describe to you how I now feel having completed the full set of Reiki classes from you.  Being “open” puts it mildly.  I think my life has been reset.   I feel great. Thanks again for such a wonderful class.  You taught it well and we had a wonderful group as too.” G. F.


“It was so wonderful to finally meet you.  Thank you so much for this weekend.  I am very grateful for being a part of this workshop.  It was a beautiful group.  This workshop has given me more clarity in my life and what I want to do. I also wanted to mention that I started using one the cds for Reiki self-treatment.  It was so easy to follow and I have noticed that I am more aware… see, hear  many things.  It’s amazing how that happens.  Thank you again.” V.R.


“I cannot thank you enough for this life changing experience. My energy, love and peace is through the roof.” L.A.


Received email September 2017 “In 2013, in a Denver clubhouse, I received my Master Reiki certification from you and it was a great experience.  Since then, I have been a Reiki practitioner and now site-coordinator for LifeSpark Cancer Resources. Thus, your teachings and connections have gone on to help heal many cancer patients and I wanted to share this with you. You have shared your good gifts — thank you. My heart goes out to you at this time.” H.W.


“Thank you again for being my Reiki teacher in Denver.  Thanks to you, I have touched so many lives and helped people (and animals — I’m now certified as Advanced Animal Reiki practitioner) to heal themselves and feel more in balance and harmony.  I recently resigned my hospice job to devote more time to building my Reiki practice and classes.  Reiki definitely helped me survive Hurricane Irma and to remain calm and at peace.” P.C.


“Thank you for an amazing Reiki training weekend.Truly life-changing. I definitely experienced a deep emotional shift that my patrons with advanced dementia noticed immediately! I had a major energy shift and they could definitely tell I was truly open, calm, happy person and it makes them feel safe. I am very excited to see where this may lead.” Marie – Denver, Colorado 


“Thank you for inviting me to the meditation. It was wonderful. I took your Reiki classes 11 years ago (in 2009). So many things in my life have changed since then and I’m certain taking your classes were the beginning to this wonderful journey that I am on!” Mary – Denver, Colorado


“My special place was a flowery forest and I walked peacefully down the path and I came to a waterfall, a rainbow waterfall.  The waterfall gave me energy and a beautiful white unicorn came trotting to me and a bunch of other animals came to.  I got on the unicorn and we trotted down the path and then we came to another waterfall.  It was a crystal waterfall.  The unicorn ate one of the crystals.  The unicorn wanted me to eat a crystal too so I did.  We trotted peacefully down the path and later we came to a beach and walked toward the water and touched the sand.  We stopped for a moment.  We meditated.  We were done.  We felt a great release.” Tessa – 9 year old girl – Children’s Class 1999.


“In a letter I received in the mail back in November 2001:  “I took a Reiki class with you in the Fall of 1999. I wanted to say thank you for being such a great teacher.  I learned so much from your classes and to this day realizing how much Reiki has changed my life.  I had been suffering from depression and social anxiety.  While taking your class I was reserved, but at the same time could feel hope blossoming again inside of me for the first time in a long time. I have been growing in all areas of my life ever since and I know it is because of Reiki.  I was an emotional prisoner before and a “victim” and severely abused.  Since starting Reiki I have felt the cleansing wash over me and bring me to a place of great healing and peace.  I have forgiven and I have a lighter feel, a bounce in my step even!” Stephanie 2001.




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