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LifeSpark’s Free Lunch October 23, 2015- Denver, CO – Reiki and Healing Touch Program

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You are invited  to attend an exciting event with at the Wellshire Inn in Denver on Friday, October 23, 2015 from 12:00-1:00pm.  Come join Charlie Brens and sit at one of his tables at the event.  Lunch will be provided!

Step ONE  at LifeSpark Website: 


Step TWO RSVP to Charlie Brens
Send an email to: 

This is a FREE lunch event to help educate the community about Reiki and the benefits that Reiki and Healing Touch have provided for those undergoing treatment for cancer.  This event is not just for Reiki practitioners but for anyone in the community with an interest in making a difference or an interest in learning more about this organization and what they provide!

Lifesparks works with medical facilities such as Rocky Mountain Cancer Center, Denver Health Medical Center and Boulder’s Tebo Cancer Center.  This program will feature a medical professional and testimonials of patients that have received Reiki through the Healing Buddies program. Lifesparks is a non-profit organization that is making a huge impact in Denver and surrounding areas.

This is an event to promote volunteer opportunities at Lifespark and for fundraising, but there will be no pressure to contribute.  There will be an opportunity for you to donate (or not) in a confidential envelope at the breakfast, but again no expectation.

Be sure to enter guest of “Charlie Brens” at the LifeSpark registration site so your spot will be reserved at one of his tables. The lunch will start prompty at noon and end at 1:00pm.

Feel free to register with a friend or family member!

The Wellshire Inn is at 3333 South Colorado Boulevard, Denver, CO  80222.

If you have any questions email Charlie at

Here is a link for more information and to register.

I will not be attending the LifeSpark Event this year because I’ll be teaching a Reiki Workshop in Birmingham, Michigan and have not yet mastered being in two places at once.  Please direct all questions and correspondence to Charlie Brens.

LifeSpark offers energywork training and classes for those that wish to volunteer to give Reiki or Healing Touch to those undergoing treatment for cancer.  To participate in the LifeSpark Healing Buddies program you must have completed a Reiki I and II class.  To see my latest schedule of Reiki Classes and Reiki Workshops in Denver, Colorado and Birmingham, Michigan – click here.


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