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Register for Reiki Training in Denver, CO, Austin, TX, Birmingham, MI or Seattle, WA or virtually with Lisa Guyman below with a deposit or pay in full.



Reiki I, II, Master & Teacher Classes – Initial Deposit Registration

Register for Reiki Classes Here:

Pricing & Registration

  • Reiki I and Reiki II: $475.
  • Reiki I, II and Master: $675.
  • Reiki I, II, Master & Teacher: $975.
  • Master Training only: $375.
  • Master and Teacher Training: $775.
  • Teacher Training only: $475.

Receive a complimentary download of Lisa Guyman’s Journey Through Reiki audios (value $150) when registering for a 2020 Reiki class. Link is sent to you after registration!

To Register with a $200 Deposit:  Select options and "add to cart. "  To register and pay in full - click here.

In-Person Class Information

Virtual Curriculum Information

Click here for virtual class dates.

Registration/cancellation/refund policy.

To register directly call (720) 683-0444 or email

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Reiki I, II, Master & Teacher Classes – Pay in Full Registration

Pay in Full for Reiki Classes

Reiki Registration - Pay in Full Option

To to register with a deposit - click here.

Prerequisites: Masters requires an in-person 10-12 hour Reiki I/II course with another teacher or an in-person or virtual Reiki I and II training with Lisa. Teacher's requires at least one other level with Lisa.

Registration/cancellation/refund policy

Register now: Select options and click "add to cart" 

To register directly call (720) 683-0444 or

Class Information

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from $375.00Price:
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Reiki Class Payments: After Initial Registration

Excited to Have You in My Reiki Workshop – Click Below to Select Your Additional Payment Option

Looking forward to seeing you at my Reiki Workshop!

You can complete this payment as early as you like as long as it is after you make your initial deposit of $200.

Virtual Class Tuition

  • Reiki I, II: $475 (balance after deposit $275).
  • Reiki I, II & Master: $675 (balance after deposit $475).
  • Reiki I, II, Master, Teacher: $975 (balance $775).
  • Masters only: $375 (balance after deposit $175).
  • Master & Teacher: $775 (balance after deposit $575).
  • Teacher training only: $475 (balance after deposit $275).

Please click the appropriate box below to pay your balance. Complete payment for the course is on the Tuesday preceeding a weekend course (i.e. 3-5 days ahead of the course date).

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from $175.00Price:
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Thank you for your interest in my Reiki Workshops!

To reserve your space in a Reiki Workshop you can make a deposit online, by mail, or by phone to (720) 683-0444.  The balance of the course fee is due the Tuesday before the weekend class i.e. 3-5 days ahead.


Reiki Training:

To reserve your space in a Reiki I/II, Master or Teacher Training Workshop you can make your $200.00 deposit online, by mail, or by phone to (720) 683-0444.  The balance of the tuition is due the Tuesday prior to the course i.e. for a weekend course that works out to be due 3 days ahead if your class starts on Friday and 5 days ahead if your class starts on Sunday.

Class Confirmation:

Reserve your space early as my workshops do sell out frequently.  After you register you will receive a class confirmation email with class logistics and extra information.  Class confirmations are usually sent out within 24-72 hours.

Cancellation/Class Deposit Policy:

Deposits for classes may be transferred to future classes within two years. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are transferable. To reserve a space for an in-person workshop requires a non-refundable deposit of $200. If you paid in full then only $200 of the payment is non-refundable.

If you need to cancel or transfer your registration you can do so by email or phone. You will receive an email acknowledgement of your transfer or cancellation.

How do transfers work and do they expire? 

You have up to two years to use your transferred deposit toward another course offered by Lisa Guyman. You course deposits cannot be used toward products or services.  The tuition rate for your course is calculated based on the date you attend classes.

How do I pay the balance? 

You’ll receive an email request for payment a week prior to the payment due date.  Payments can be made here. f you prefer to pay with a credit card over the phone you can do so by calling (720) 683-0444.

When is the balance of the course due? 

The balance is due the Tuesday prior to the start of the workshop.



Lisa Guyman
Chopra Meditation Instructor,
Reiki Master/Teacher, Yoga Nidra Instructor
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