Saturday, January 16, 2021

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  • January 29-Feb. 1st, 2021

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Note: the January weekend is the last opportunity to take all levels of Reiki in the same weekend. In the future, the Reiki I and II classes will be offered together and the Master and Teacher's classes will be offered as a separate program

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How do I reserve a space in a workshop?

To reserve your space for my workshops make your payment online, by mail, or by phone by calling Lisa Guyman at (720) 683-0444. A portion of of the payment in the amount of $200 (i.e. the deposit) is non-refundable. You can pay the $200 non-refundable deposit to register or pay in full to register. The full payment for the course is due one week prior to class dates.If you need to cancel and wish to receive a refund for monies above the $200 deposit you must do so by emailing

Do I need a PayPal account to reserve my space?

If you live in the USA you can pay through the PayPal portal without a PayPal account. If you’re an nternational student and are registering from outside of the United States you can use the PayPal portal only with a PayPal account. Or you can pay by phone.

When do I receive class materials?

If you are signed up for an online Reiki workshop the class materials (PDFs of the corresponding Reiki manuals) will be emailed to you once your balance is paid in full.

When is my class balance due?

Your balance of the course fee is due one week prior to the course. You’ll receive an email request for payment about a week prior to the payment due date. Payments can be made here.