Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Class News!

With the onset of the coronavirus …so many of us had to change the way we were doing things.

I had to pause my in-person Reiki classes and was forced to engage the challenge of teaching virtually.

It’s funny how the Universe has plans for us and how sometimes we NEED the extra push to get out of our comfort zones and set on a new and more rewarding path.

For over 22 years I taught in Colorado, Michigan, Texas, New York, California and Washington and NOW instead you can join me online from anywhere.

I’m thrilled to not have to limit by class offerings by location.

And students love meeting others from across the country and beyond.

I’m loving this richer and more extensive curriculum and immensely enjoy teaching in this NEW, more expanded way.

I guarantee that you will LOVE my online Reiki workshops which I’ve curated with so many powerful experiences …and want to know the truth?

The truth is my students don’t want the weekend workshops to end…

Join me in the virtual world of Zoom:

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